Assembly Automation: Volume 7 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Automation and redesign — a recipe for successful assembly

Jan Bouman, Tony Ramm

METERFABRIEK‐Schlumberger in Dordrecht, Holland, embarked on a major automation project for the assembly of its range of domestic gas governors in early 1983. That project…

Quality and automation give Rank Xerox a good image

Stephen McClelland

RANK XEROX could be a good company to copy. Not only has it won the top UK award for quality in production and business for the second time, it has also, through a shrewd…

FAMOS — entering into the spirit of collaboration

Phil Robson

Flexible automated assembly is a technology which can help reverse the trend in manufacturing which today so much favours non‐European nations such as Japan and the USA…

Automatic flexible assembly of an electromechanical timer group

M. Steudel

THE German Diehl Group has divisions producing: non‐ferrous metal products; clocks and watches; control systems; industrial machinery; ammunition; and track systems. It…

Bird's eye view of electronics manufacturing

Stephen McClelland

Study tours — of foreign companies and competitors — are a popular management training technique, but there have been few opportunities to study the situation in the UK…

Surface mounting spurs automation

John Hartley

Over the past year, the pattern in assembly of electronics components to printed circuit boards (PCBs) has changed dramatically, with far greater use of surface mounted…



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