Assembly Automation: Volume 6 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Looking to automation to enhance productivity

Jack Hollingum

John Brown Automation is this month shipping its biggest‐ever automated assembly and test line, worth more than £4 million, to the Soviet Union.

Westinghouse takes a consolidated approach to electronics assembly

The US Westinghouse Corporation organises its manufacturing systems activities into several Advanced Production Technology (APT) commercial divisions. Brian Rooks reports…

A flexible solution for low volume component insertion

Anna Kochan

The assembly of electronic components onto circuit boards is currently receiving great attention, particularly for low volume, high flexibility applications. Ambotech…

Surface mount technology: Europe wakes up

SMT is finding a growing user base. Stephen McClelland looks at future prospects and reports on the efforts of one of the leading practitioners of the field, Cambridge Consultants.

Simple effective functions enhance robot assembly

H. Lehtinen, J. Gepertz, O. Albertsson

Four powerful functions have been developed for the ASEA IRb 1000 assembly robot. Compliant control with positioning check, relative positioning and pallet positioning are…

Planning flexible system structures

W. Eversheim, P. Kettner, K.P. Mertz

Construction of devices is not the most important element of flexible assembly systems; the true value lies in the realisation of systematic and need‐oriented planning.



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