Assembly Automation: Volume 6 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Precision surface mount assembly

John M. Altendorf

The demand for miniaturised electronic components has surged and new production methods have had to keep pace. Manual assembly of miniature SMDs is a highly repetitive…

Optimising the benefits of automation through design

The automated systems builder John Brown Automation begins any design study by analysing the products or components requiring assembly.

Software aid to design for assembly

Alan Redford

Product design for robot assembly is assisted by a new software package developed at the University of Salford

Institute develops robot evaluation tests

The Industrial Technology Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a unique organisation engaged in developing and fostering the implementation of advanced automated…

Putting ball bearings in their proper place

Rhoden Partners has won a design award for the automated assembly machine for linear bearing cages which it designed and manufactured for Firsteel Metal Products. Anna…

Flexible assembly robots — the Bosch approach

This description of the variety of applications for swivel arm robots is based on an address given by Joachim Bernt and Horst Kauffmann at the 7th International Conference…

Industrial Handling for the practitioner

German companies tended to dominate the Industrial Handling Exhibition in Zurich last February. Brian Rooks reports on a show that has gained a reputation for displaying…

Into the next generation of board assembly with Adept

Stephen McClelland examines what has enabled robot technology to become so suitable for board manufacture in a relatively short time span.

Technical problems take a back seat

Many topics were discussed at the 7th International Conference on Assembly Automation held in Zurich in February. Brian Rooks concentrates his report on the preparation…

Robotic assembly of diesel injection components

Diesel Kiki has installed a line of seven of its own robots to tackle the precision involved in components for diesel injection pumps. John Hartley reports.

SMD technology is here to stay

One gets the impression with this year's Internepcon that a lot of people had spent a lot of time organising the event, but that at the end of the day, little of…



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