Assembly Automation: Volume 6 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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The electronics systems market attracts VS technology

The automotive industry continues to be a major market for VS Technology but as Brian Rooks reports other markets are of growing importance particularly electronics.

Flexible robot cell assembles motor transmissions

A cell with four robots and three hydraulic presses is assembling three types of motor transmissions at Black & Decker's Spennymoor plant. Jack Hollingum reports.

Automatic system copes with variable PCB production

Derek Cowan, Dickie Davies

Within the next year Plessey plans to install a CAD‐linked automatic PCB assembly system for batch quantities of one

Addressing assembly tasks of the immediate future

Jack Hollingum reports how three electronics assembly equipment suppliers are facing the challenge of changing manufacturing technology

Scotland becomes the centre of DEC'S European strategy

David F. Cowan

A fully automated chip assembly and test facility in Digital Equipment's Ayr plant has changed the role of this operation

Electronics assembly needs computer integration

The recent conference on electronics assembly held in Santa Clara by the US Institute of Industrial Engineers stressed the need for computer integration although it…

High‐speed multi‐axis assembly systems

Hiroshi Otsuki

Sony has developed high speed multi‐axis assembly systems to fulfil its need for automated flexible assembly. The systems have been field tested for more than three years

Electrolux uses robot assembly for wiper motors

First non‐ASEA company to install ASEA's IRB 1000 assembly robot is Electrolux, with a set‐up for assembling windscreen wiper drives. Jack Hollingum reports.

Flexibility in assembly is a fast‐growing prerequisite

PCB assembly and surface mounting techniques are amongst the many topics to be discussed at the 7th Assembly Automation Conference. Sarah Gardner reports.

Cost versus faults ‐ the optimum balance in debugging

John Hartley reports on a novel methodology for the reduction of stoppages in assembly equipment—and a teaching system

Efficient materials handling‐ the key to profitable production

Sarah Gardner previews the forthcoming International Handling and Storage Exhibition

New dimension to D‐Trak

D‐TRAK — the self‐assembly kit form conveyoring system launched last year, now has another new dimension. Not only is the tracking completely adjustable, but now the…



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