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The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Value through innovation leads to orders overseas

Orders from the USA, orders from the USSR but little from the UK is the current scenario of John Brown Automation. It is a big change from five years ago as Brian Rooks…

Working towards the most advanced computer production line

Last April International Computers introduced a new range of mainframe computers which represented a major advance in design and presented a new challenge to efficient…

Robotic insertion of odd components into printed circuit boards

H.‐J. Warnecke, E.M. Wolf

In the electronics industry of the Federal Republic of Germany 286,000 employees are working in assembly twice as many as in the automotive or machine building industries.

Automated connector assembly

Thomas A. Howell

Cylindrical connectors are assembled automatically by robot at a rate of 12 seconds per termination.

Flexible assembly using robots

Richard Archer

THE phrase ‘designed by computer, built by robots’ was a nice marketing approach which made the most of the high‐technology attributes of the product—a family car. The…

South Wales has its own Aachen

The Automation and Robotics Centre at UWIST marks the latest stage in the Institute's progress towards becoming a German‐style technical university in South Wales.

Getting to grips with robotic assembly

John Hartley

Assembly was in the background at conferences in Tokyo, despite the emergence of more robots aimed at this type of work.

Increasing the availability of assembly systems

H.‐P. Wiendahl, Wolf‐Dietmar Ziersch

Detailed study of the causes of stoppages in 40 automatic assembly systems has led to the development of guidelines for improving their availability



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