Assembly Automation: Volume 5 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Customers to benefit from automation investment

Investment in automation technology by Perkins Engines has now spread into the assembly area. Recently unveiled was a flexible line to assemble cylinder heads in which…

Development is vital for survival

A young Swiss company, Automelec, is fast making a name for itself as a manufacturer of precision engineered robot assembly machines for microminiature work in the…

Meta takes on second product line

The direct drive AdeptOne assembly robot, manufactured by Californian based Adept Technology has now been added to Meta Machines product line in the UK. Brian Rooks…

Robots in the electrical and electronics industry

Gerhard Börnecke

Robots are still not used widely enough in the electrical and electronics industry, and the various reasons for this are explained.

Keep control of component orientation

Barry Richardson

A key factor in the economics of automated assembly is the cost of presenting parts in the correct orientation to the assembly machine

Robots take to the assembly lines

John Hartley

Nissan starts to use robots in car assembly, while Toyota keeps automation to the minimum in latest engine factory

Scotland attracts the electronics manufacturers

The management consultants Inbucon chose Glasgow for a recent seminar on electronics manufacturing. Board manufacture, surface mounted components and quality of…

Sony moves in assembly automation business

Assembly centres and robots are the first products from a new division



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