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The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Contact-consistent visual object pose estimation for contact-rich robotic manipulation tasks

Zhonglai Tian, Hongtai Cheng, Zhenjun Du, Zongbei Jiang, Yeping Wang

The purpose of this paper is to estimate the contact-consistent object poses during contact-rich manipulation tasks based only on visual sensors.

A novel event-triggered adaptive tracking control framework for a manipulator with aperiodic neural network estimation

Jie Gao

The purpose of this study is developing the minimum parameter learning law for the weight updating, which reduces the updating of neural network (NN) weight only at…


Parameter tuning of auto disturbance rejection controller based on improved glowworm swarm optimization algorithm

Bingwei Gao, Wei Shen, Ye Dai, Yong Tai Ye

This paper aims to study a parameter tuning method for the active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) to improve the anti-interference ability and position tracking of…

An enhanced sensorless control based on active disturbance rejection controller for a PMSM system: design and hardware implementation

Hao Lu, Shengquan Li, Bo Feng, Juan Li

This paper mainly aims to deal with the problems of uncertainties including modelling errors, unknown dynamics and disturbances caused by load mutation in control of…

A novel robotic 6DOF pose measurement strategy for large-size casts based on stereo vision

Guoyang Wan, Fudong Li, Bingyou Liu, Shoujun Bai, Guofeng Wang, Kaisheng Xing

This paper aims to study six degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) pose measurement of reflective metal casts by machine vision, analyze the problems existing in the positioning of…

MTN-based recursive d-step-ahead predictive control of MIMO nonlinear systems with unknown input time-delay in industrial process

Hong-Sen Yan, Chen-Long Li

This paper aims to provide a precise tracking control scheme for multi-input multi-output “MIMO” nonlinear systems with unknown input time-delay in industrial process.

Chance-constrained programming with robustness for lot-sizing and scheduling problems under complex uncertainty

Jizhuang Hui, Shuai Wang, Zhu Bin, Guangwei Xiong, Jingxiang Lv

The purpose of this paper deals with a capacitated multi-item dynamic lot-sizing problem with the simultaneous sequence-dependent setup scheduling of the parallel resource…

Assembly line-Seru conversion in the C2M enterprise: an empirical study in China

Hongying Shan, Mengyao Qin, Cungang Zou, Peiyang Peng, Zunyan Meng

To respond to customer needs and achieve customized manufacturing, the manufacturing industry, as represented by electronics assembly companies, has embarked on a path of…


Adaptive dynamic surface output feedback control for a class of quadrotor aircraft with actuator faults

Guoqiang Zhu, He Li, Huan Zhang, Sen Wang, Xiuyu Zhang

The purpose of this study is to propose an adaptive fault-tolerant control approach based on output feedback for a class of quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles system. In…

FAOF: a feature aggregation method based on optical flow for gangue detection on production environment

Miao Yanzi, Wang Xiaolin, Zhang Yuanhao, Ji Liang, Wang Yizhou, Xu Zhiyang

The purpose of this paper is to improve the precision of gangue detection. In the real production environment, some gangue features are not obvious, and it is difficult to…

A transfer alignment algorithm based on combined double-time observation of velocity and attitude

Guangrun Sheng, Xixiang Liu, Zixuan Wang, Wenhao Pu, Xiaoqiang Wu, Xiaoshuang Ma

This paper aims to present a novel transfer alignment method based on combined double-time observations with velocity and attitude for ships’ poor maneuverability to…

Improved feature point extraction method of ORB-SLAM2 dense map

Lin Zhang, Yingjie Zhang

This paper aims to quickly obtain an accurate and complete dense three-dimensional map of indoor environment with lower cost, which can be directly used in navigation.

The snake-inspired robots: a review

Xiaolong Yang, Long Zheng, Da Lü, Jinhao Wang, Shukun Wang, Hang Su, Zhixin Wang, Luquan Ren

Snake-inspired robots are of great significance in many fields because of their great adaptability to the environment. This paper aims to systematically illustrate the…



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