Assembly Automation: Volume 42 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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A combined hole position error correction method for automated drilling of large-span aerospace assembly structures

Junshan Hu, Xinyue Sun, Wei Tian, Shanyong Xuan, Yang Yan, Wang Changrui, Wenhe Liao

Aerospace assembly demands high drilling position accuracy for fastener holes. Hole position error correction is a key issue to meet the required hole position accuracy…

A novel industrial AGV control strategy based on dual-wheel chassis model

Hua Ding, Yanhong Huang, Jianqi Shi, Qi Shi, Yang Yang

Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are widely used in industrial fields. But most control strategies merely take the lateral force into consideration. This will reduce the…

Optimization method for spatial route adjustment of multi-bends pipes considering assembly demands

Kunyong Chen, Yong Zhao, Yuming Liu, Haidong Yu, Shunzhou Huang

This paper aims to propose an optimization method to automatically adjust the spatial route of multibend pipes to meet the assembly demands in constrained space.

Smart handheld medical device with patient-specific force regulation mechanism

Zhuoqi Cheng, Jiale He, Pengjie Lin, Min He, Jing Guo, Xinwei Chen, Shuting Cai, Xiaoming Xiong

The purpose of this paper is to design a smart handheld device with force regulating function, which demonstrates the concept of patient-specialized tools.

Press-fit process fault diagnosis using 1DCNN-LSTM method

Xialiang Ye, Minbo Li

Press-fit with force and displacement monitoring is commonly adopted in automotive mechatronic system assembling. However, suitable methods for the press-fit study are…

An optimized cosine jerk motion profile with higher efficiency and flexibility

Qixin Zhu, Yusheng Jin, Yonghong Zhu

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new acceleration/deceleration (acc/dec) algorithm for motion profiles. The motion efficiency, flexibility of the motion profiles…

Towards extreme learning machine framework for lane detection on unmanned mobile robot

Yingpeng Dai, Jiehao Li, Junzheng Wang, Jing Li, Xu Liu

This paper aims to focus on lane detection of unmanned mobile robots. For the mobile robot, it is undesirable to spend lots of time detecting the lane. So quickly…

Remaining useful life prediction of rolling bearings based on convolutional recurrent attention network

Qiang Zhang, Zijian Ye, Siyu Shao, Tianlin Niu, Yuwei Zhao

The current studies on remaining useful life (RUL) prediction mainly rely on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and long short-term memories (LSTMs) and do not take full…

A human activity-aware shared control solution for medical human–robot interaction

Hang Su, Wen Qi, Yunus Schmirander, Salih Ertug Ovur, Shuting Cai, Xiaoming Xiong

The purpose of this paper is to develop a human activity-aware adaptive shared control solution for human–robot interaction in surgical operation. Hands-on control and…



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