Assembly Automation: Volume 42 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Structure transforming for constructing constraint force field in musculoskeletal robot

Shanlin Zhong, Ziyu Chen, Junjie Zhou

Human-like musculoskeletal robots can fulfill flexible movement and manipulation with the help of multi joints and actuators. However, in general, sophisticated…

Prediction of cold rolling gas based on EEMD-LSTM deep learning technology

Hui Zhai, Wei Xiong, Fujin Li, Jie Yang, Dongyan Su, Yongjun Zhang

The prediction of by-product gas is an important guarantee for the full utilization of resources. The purpose of this research is to predict gas consumption to provide a…

Research on robust adaptive sliding film fault-tolerant control under nonlinear distortion of signal transmission in amorphous flat air-to-ground wireless ad-hoc network system

Zhifang Wang, Jianguo Yu, Shangjing Lin

To solve the above problems and ensure the stability of the ad hoc network node topology in the process of wireless signal transmission, this paper aims to design a robust…

COWO: towards real-time spatiotemporal action localization in videos

Yang Yi, Yang Sun, Saimei Yuan, Yiji Zhu, Mengyi Zhang, Wenjun Zhu

The purpose of this paper is to provide a fast and accurate network for spatiotemporal action localization in videos. It detects human actions both in time and space…

Continuous ergonomic risk perception for manual assembly operations using wearable multi-sensor posture estimation

Wei Fang, Mingyu Fu, Lianyu Zheng

This paper aims to perform the real-time and accurate ergonomics analysis for the operator in the manual assembly, with the purpose of identifying potential ergonomic…

Integrated fault detection for industrial process monitoring based on multi-dimensional Taylor network

Chen-Long Li, Chang-Shun Yuan, Xiao-Shuang Ma, Wen-Liang Chen, Jun Wang

This paper aims to provide a novel integrated fault detection method for industrial process monitoring.


An industrial intelligent grasping system based on convolutional neural network

Jiang Daqi, Wang Hong, Zhou Bin, Wei Chunfeng

This paper aims to save time spent on manufacturing the data set and make the intelligent grasping system easy to deploy into a practical industrial environment. Due to…

Vibration and position tracking control for a flexible Timoshenko robot arm with disturbance rejection mechanism

Yan Yang, Jun Shi, Zhijie Liu, Shuangyin Liu

This paper aims to study the boundary disturbance rejection control design for a flexible Timoshenko robot arm to diminish external disturbances and achieve desired angle…

Intelligent assembly assistance for hull structure construction based on optical projection

Yu Zhu, Jun Yang, Hongwei Zhang, Wenmin Zhu, Jie Wang, Zelin Zhou

Marking and inspecting are key steps in hull structure construction. However, currently most marking and inspecting operations are still carried out manually, which leads…

Industrial process data visualization based on a deep enhanced t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding neural network

Weipeng Lu, Xuefeng Yan

The purpose of this paper is to propose a approach for data visualization and industrial process monitoring.

Structure design and optimization of ground moving and pole climbing inspection robot

Changlong Ye, Yunfei Zang, Suyang Yu, Chunying Jiang

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a multipurpose inspection robot that can both walk on the ground and climb on poles. The structure design, size optimization…



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