Assembly Automation: Volume 42 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Torque vectoring control system for distributed drive electric bus under complicated driving conditions

Liang Su, Zhenpo Wang, Chao Chen

The purpose of this study is to propose a torque vectoring control system for improving the handling stability of distributed drive electric buses under complicated…

Model predictive control of direct-driven surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous generator based on active disturbance rejection controller

Hongjun Shi, Lei Xiong, Xuchen Nie, Qixin Zhu

This paper aims to mainly discuss how to suppress the disturbances accurately and effectively in the wind energy conversion system (WECS) of the direct drive surface mount…

A method to assess design complexity of modular automatic assembly system in design phase

Yixiong Feng, Chuan He, Yicong Gao, Hao Zheng, Jianrong Tan

To find the system with minimum investment and best quality performance that is capable of producing all of the product variants, assessing the complexity of designing…

Assembly variation analysis of the non-rigid assembly with a deformation gradient model

Ibrahim Ajani, Cong Lu

This paper aims to develop a mathematical method to analyze the assembly variation of the non-rigid assembly, considering the manufacturing variations and the deformation…

Discovery of key function module in complex mechanical 3D CAD assembly model for design reuse

Zhoupeng Han, Chenkai Tian, Zihan Zhou, Qilong Yuan

Complex mechanical 3D computer-aided design (CAD) model embodies rich implicit design knowledge. Through discovering the key function parts and key function module in 3D…

A peg-in-hole controller for cable-driven serial robots with compliant wrist based on cable tensions and joint positions

Ya'nan Lou, Pengkun Quan, Haoyu Lin, Zhuo Liang, Dongbo Wei, Shichun Di

This purpose of this paper is to design a peg-in-hole controller for a cable-driven serial robot with compliant wrist (CDSR-CW) using cable tensions and joint positions…

Assembly process case matching based on a multilevel assembly ontology method

Hanqing Gong, Lingling Shi, Xiang Zhai, Yimin Du, Zhijing Zhang

The purpose of this study is to achieve accurate matching of new process cases to historical process cases and then complete the reuse of process knowledge and assembly experience.

Multi-sensor optimal deployment based efficient and synchronous data acquisition in large three-dimensional physical similarity simulation

Yuyu Hao, Shugang Li, Tianjun Zhang

This paper aims to propose a deployment optimization and efficient synchronous acquisition method for compressive stress sensors used by stress distribution law research…

Full-state modeling and nonlinear control of balloon supported unmanned aerial vehicle

Naveed Mazhar, Fahad Mumtaz Malik, Raja Amer Azim, Abid Raza, Rameez Khan, Qasim Umar Khan

The purpose of this study is to provide the full-state mathematical model and devise a nonlinear controller for a balloon-supported unmanned aerial vehicle (BUAV).

A gas migration law study of a large-scale 3D physical similarity simulation with an adaptive Kalman filter algorithm

Yuyu Hao, Shugang Li, Tianjun Zhang

In this study, a physical similarity simulation plays a significant role in the study of crack evolution and the gas migration mechanism. A sensor is deployed inside a…

Fast and accurate detection of surface defect based on improved YOLOv4

Jiawei Lian, Junhong He, Yun Niu, Tianze Wang

The current popular image processing technologies based on convolutional neural network have the characteristics of large computation, high storage cost and low accuracy…


Design of adaptive sliding mode controller applied to ultrasonic motor

Gangfeng Yan

The purpose of this paper is to achieve high-precision sliding mode control without chattering; the control parameters are easy to adjust, and the entire controller is…

Research on collaborative task assignment method of assembly line

Weilei Shen, Qiangqiang Jiang, Yang Yang

The purpose of this paper is to construct a task assignment model for U-shaped production lines with collaborative task, which is optimized by minimizing the number of…



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