Assembly Automation: Volume 41 Issue 6


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Distributed robust H∞ adaptive fault-tolerant control of amorphous and flat air-to-ground wireless self-organizing network system

Zhifang Wang, Jianguo Yu, Shangjing Lin, Junguo Dong, Zheng Yu

The paper takes the air-ground integrated wireless ad hoc network-integrated system as the research object, this paper aims to propose a distributed robust H adaptive…


A modified cut-set method for mechanical subassembly identification

Anil Kumar Gulivindala, M.V.A. Raju Bahubalendruni, Anil Kumar Inkulu, S.S. Vara Prasad Varupala, SankaranarayanaSamy K.

The purpose of this paper is to perform a comparative assessment on working of the existed subassembly identification (SI) methods, which are widely practiced during the…

Sensorless localization of a minimally-actuated robotic system for automated pallet de-strapping

Nour El-Hoda Khalifeh, Rudy Youssef, Farah Fadel, Roy Khalil, Elie Shammas, Naseem Daher, Imad H. Elhajj, Thomas Irrenhauser, Michael N. Niedermeier, Christian Poss

The purpose of this paper is to detail the design and prototyping of a smart automation solution for de-strapping plastic bonding straps on shipping pallets, which are…

An improved sparrow search algorithm based on levy flight and opposition-based learning

Danni Chen, JianDong Zhao, Peng Huang, Xiongna Deng, Tingting Lu

Sparrow search algorithm (SSA) is a novel global optimization method, but it is easy to fall into local optimization, which leads to its poor search accuracy and…


Map-less long-term localization in complex industrial environments

Zhe Liu, Zhijian Qiao, Chuanzhe Suo, Yingtian Liu, Kefan Jin

This paper aims to study the localization problem for autonomous industrial vehicles in the complex industrial environments. Aiming for practical applications, the pursuit…

MDRNet: a lightweight network for real-time semantic segmentation in street scenes

Yingpeng Dai, Junzheng Wang, Jiehao Li, Jing Li

This paper aims to focus on the environmental perception of unmanned platform under complex street scenes. Unmanned platform has a strict requirement both on accuracy and…



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