Assembly Automation: Volume 41 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Cloud Robotics and Automation for Intelligent Manufacturing

Guest Editors: Chenguang Yang, Bin Xu, Shuai Li, Xuefeng Zhou

Quadrotor navigation in dynamic environments with deep reinforcement learning

Jinbao Fang, Qiyu Sun, Yukun Chen, Yang Tang

This work aims to combine the cloud robotics technologies with deep reinforcement learning to build a distributed training architecture and accelerate the learning…

Iterative learning control for a distributed cloud robot with payload delivery

Jiehao Li, Shoukun Wang, Junzheng Wang, Jing Li, Jiangbo Zhao, Liling Ma

When it comes to the high accuracy autonomous motion of the mobile robot, it is challenging to effectively control the robot to follow the desired trajectory and transport…

An EKF-based multiple data fusion for mobile robot indoor localization

Guangbing Zhou, Jing Luo, Shugong Xu, Shunqing Zhang, Shige Meng, Kui Xiang

Indoor localization is a key tool for robot navigation in indoor environments. Traditionally, robot navigation depends on one sensor to perform autonomous localization…

Collaborative processing and data optimization of environmental perception technologies for autonomous vehicles

Haina Song, Shengpei Zhou, Zhenting Chang, Yuejiang Su, Xiaosong Liu, Jingfeng Yang

Autonomous driving depends on the collection, processing and analysis of environmental information and vehicle information. Environmental perception and processing are…

Fast tag identification for mobile RFID robots in manufacturing environments

Honggang Wang, Ruixue Yu, Ruoyu Pan, Mengyuan Liu, Qiongdan Huang, Jingfeng Yang

In manufacturing environments, mobile radio frequency identification (RFID) robots need to quickly identify and collect various types of passive tag and active tag sensor…

Dynamic movement primitives based cloud robotic skill learning for point and non-point obstacle avoidance

Zhenyu Lu, Ning Wang

Dynamic movement primitives (DMPs) is a general robotic skill learning from demonstration method, but it is usually used for single robotic manipulation. For cloud-based…

Cloud robotic grasping of Gaussian mixture model based on point cloud projection under occlusion

Shifeng Lin, Ning Wang

In multi-robot cooperation, the cloud can share sensor data, which can help robots better perceive the environment. For cloud robotics, robot grasping is an important…

Planning to repose long and heavy objects considering a combination of regrasp and constrained drooping

Mohamed Raessa, Weiwei Wan, Kensuke Harada

This paper aims to present a hierarchical motion planner for planning the manipulation motion to repose long and heavy objects considering external support surfaces.

Exoskeleton cloud-brain platform and its application in safety assessment

Fashu Xu, Rui Huang, Hong Cheng, Min Fan, Jing Qiu

This paper aims at the problem of attaching the data of doctors, patients and the real-time sensor data of the exoskeleton to the cloud in intelligent rehabilitation…

Human-robot skills transfer interface for UAV-based precision pesticide in dynamic environments

Xuanyi Zhou, Jilin He, Dingping Chen, Junsong Li, Chunshan Jiang, Mengyuan Ji, Miaolei He

Nowadays, the global agricultural system is highly dependent on the widespread use of synthetic pesticides to control diseases, weeds and insects. The unmanned aerial…

Trajectory tracking and point stability of three-axis aero-dynamic pendulum with MPC strategy in disturbance environment

Xiaofeng Liu, Jiahong Xu, Yuhong Liu

The purpose of this research on the control of three-axis aero-dynamic pendulum with disturbance is to facilitate the applications of equipment with similar pendulum…

Stability control for end effect of mobile manipulator in uneven terrain based on active disturbance rejection control

Chuang Cheng, Hui Zhang, Hui Peng, Zhiqian Zhou, Bailiang Chen, Zhiwen Zeng, Huimin Lu

When the mobile manipulator is traveling on an unconstructed terrain, the external disturbance is generated. The load on the end of the mobile manipulator will be affected…

Optimal resource management and allocation for autonomous-vehicle-infrastructure cooperation under mobile edge computing

Shengpei Zhou, Zhenting Chang, Haina Song, Yuejiang Su, Xiaosong Liu, Jingfeng Yang

With the continuous technological development of automated driving and expansion of its application scope, the types of on-board equipment continue to be enriched and the…

Adaptive sensor fusion labeling framework for hand pose recognition in robot teleoperation

Wen Qi, Xiaorui Liu, Longbin Zhang, Lunan Wu, Wenchuan Zang, Hang Su

The purpose of this paper is to mainly center on the touchless interaction between humans and robots in the real world. The accuracy of hand pose identification and stable…

A contour-guided pose alignment method based on Gaussian mixture model for precision assembly

Pengyue Guo, Zhijing Zhang, Lingling Shi, Yujun Liu

The purpose of this study was to solve the problem of pose measurement of various parts for a precision assembly system.



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