Assembly Automation: Volume 41 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Robot compliant catching by Maxwell model based Cartesian admittance control

Le Fu, Jie Zhao

Admittance control is a typical complaint control methodology. Traditionally, admittance control systems are based on a dynamical relationship described by Voigt model. By…

Four-point dynamic leveling method for drilling platform application

Dongmin Li, Guofang Ma, Jia Li

It is essential to level the drilling platform across which a drilling robot travels in a slant underground coal mine tunnel to ensure smooth operation of the drill rod…

Motion optimization of humanoid mobile robot with high redundancy

Hongxing Wang, LianZheng Ge, Ruifeng Li, Yunfeng Gao, Chuqing Cao

An optimal solution method based on 2-norm is proposed in this study to solve the inverse kinematics multiple-solution problem caused by a high redundancy. The current…

HGHA: task allocation and path planning for warehouse agents

Yandong Liu, Dong Han, Lujia Wang, Cheng-Zhong Xu

With the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics demand is increasing day by day. The modern warehousing with a multi-agent system as the core comes into being. This…


Modeling and algorithm for resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem based on detection and rework

Hongwei Zhu, Zhiqiang Lu, Chenyao Lu, Yifei Ren

To meet the requirement of establishing an effective schedule for the assembly process with overall detection and rework, this paper aims to address a new problem named…

Predictive visual control network for occlusion solution in human-following robot

Juncheng Zou

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new video prediction-based methodology to solve the manufactural occlusion problem, which causes the loss of input images and…

Vision-force guided precise robotic assembly for 2.5D components in a semistructured environment

Boyoung Kim, Minyong Choi, Seung-Woo Son, Deokwon Yun, Sukjune Yoon

Many manufacturing sites require precision assembly. Particularly, similar to cell phones, assembly at the sub-mm scale is not easy, even for humans. In addition, the…


Optimal grasp force for robotic grasping and in-hand manipulation with impedance control

Xiaoqing Li, Ziyu Chen, Chao Ma

The purpose of this paper is to achieve stable grasping and dexterous in-hand manipulation, the control of the multi-fingered robotic hand is a difficult problem as the…

The job rotation scheduling problem considering human cognitive effects: an integrated approach

Ashkan Ayough, Farbod Farhadi, Mostafa Zandieh

This paper aims to unfold the role that job rotation plays in a lean cell. Unlike many studies, the authors consider heterogeneous operators with dynamic performance…


Simulation and deep learning on point clouds for robot grasping

Zhengtuo Wang, Yuetong Xu, Guanhua Xu, Jianzhong Fu, Jiongyan Yu, Tianyi Gu

In this work, the authors aim to provide a set of convenient methods for generating training data, and then develop a deep learning method based on point clouds to…



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