Assembly Automation: Volume 40 Issue 6


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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A new approach of surfaces registration considering form errors for precise assembly

Qiushuang Zhang, Xin Jin, Zhihua Liu, Zhijing Zhang, Yan Fang, Zhongqing Zhang, Yann Ledoux

The modern manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements for the assembly accuracy of components with the development of the industrial technology. For…

GSR: geometrical scan registration algorithm for robust and fast robot pose estimation

Farhad Shamsfakhr, Bahram Sadeghi Bigham

In this paper, an attempt has been made to develop an algorithm equipped with geometric pattern registration techniques to perform exact, robust and fast robot…

Image-based visual servoing using a set for multiple pin-in-hole assembly

Chicheng Liu, Libin Song, Ken Chen, Jing Xu

This paper aims to present an image-based visual servoing algorithm for a multiple pin-in-hole assembly. This paper also aims to avoid the matching and tracking of image…

Parallel two-sided assembly line balancing with tools and tasks sharing

Ashish Yadav, Ramawatar Kulhary, Rupesh Nishad, Sunil Agrawal

Parallel two-sided assembly lines are usually designed to produce large-sized products such as trucks and buses. In parallel two-sided assembly lines, both left and right…

An improved flower pollination algorithm for solving a Type-II U-shaped assembly line balancing problem with energy consideration

Beikun Zhang, Liyun Xu

The increasing energy shortage leads to worldwide attentions. This paper aims to develop a mathematical model and optimization algorithm to solve the energy-oriented…

Assembly kits with variable part physical attributes: warehouse layout design and assignment procedure

Marco Bortolini, Maurizio Faccio, Mauro Gamberi, Francesco Pilati

The kitting feeding policy creates kits with the parts of each product to assemble. Each kit contains elements with heterogeneous physical properties imposing…


A novel constrained optimization-build method for precision assembly of aircraft engine

Chuanzhi Sun, Danyang Chen, Chengtian Li, Yongmeng Liu, Zewei Liu, Ming Hu, Jiubin Tan

This paper aims to provide a precision assembly method to improve the aircraft engine quality of initial unbalance with the purpose of founding the process for mass…

Failure prediction in electrical connector assembly: a case in automotive assembly process

Armagan Altinisik, Utku Yildirim

Electrical defects cover an important part of assembly defects and strongly affect the vehicle system performance. Almost 40% of assembly defects are classified as human…

Learning peg-in-hole assembly using Cartesian DMPs with feedback mechanism

Nailong Liu, Xiaodong Zhou, Zhaoming Liu, Hongwei Wang, Long Cui

This paper aims to enable the robot to obtain human-like compliant manipulation skills for the peg-in-hole (PiH) assembly task by learning from demonstration.

Physical modeling and geometry configuration simulation for flexible cable in a virtual assembly system

Du Hongwang, Wei Xiong, Wang Haitao, Wang Zuwen

In this paper, a novel and unified method for geometry configuration simulation of flexible cable under certain boundary conditions is presented. This methodology can be…

Optical alignment and compensation control of die bonder for chips containing through-silicon vias

Chern Sheng Lin, Chang-Yu Hung, Chung Ting Chen, Ke-Chun Lin, Kuo Liang Huang

This study aims to present an optical alignment and compensation control of die bonder for chips containing through-silicon vias and develop three-dimensional integrated…

Utilising low cost RGB-D cameras to track the real time progress of a manual assembly sequence

John Oyekan, Axel Fischer, Windo Hutabarat, Christopher Turner, Ashutosh Tiwari

The purpose of this paper is to explore the role that computer vision can play within new industrial paradigms such as Industry 4.0 and in particular to support production…



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