Assembly Automation: Volume 40 Issue 5


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Modeling of rotation accuracy of multi-support rotating machinery considering geometric errors and part deformation

Yanhui Sun, Junkang Guo, Jun Hong, Guanghui Liu

This paper aims to develop a theoretical method to analyze the rotation accuracy of rotating machinery with multi-support structures. The method effectively considers the…

Parallel structure of six wheel-legged robot trajectory tracking control with heavy payload under uncertain physical interaction

Jiehao Li, Junzheng Wang, Shoukun Wang, Hui Peng, Bomeng Wang, Wen Qi, Longbin Zhang, Hang Su

This paper aims on the trajectory tracking of the developed six wheel-legged robot with heavy load conditions under uncertain physical interaction. The accuracy of…

A spatial information inference method for programming by demonstration of assembly tasks by integrating visual observation with CAD model

Zhongxiang Zhou, Liang Ji, Rong Xiong, Yue Wang

In robot programming by demonstration (PbD) of small parts assembly tasks, the accuracy of parts poses estimated by vision-based techniques in demonstration stage is far…

Optimal design of a parallel robotic gripper using enhanced multi-objective ant lion optimizer with a sensitivity analysis approach

Golak Bihari Mahanta, Deepak BBVL, Bibhuti B. Biswal, Amruta Rout

From the past few decades, parallel grippers are used successfully in the automation industries for performing various pick and place jobs due to their simple design…

Optimization of fastener pattern in airframe assembly

Sergey Lupuleac, Tatiana Pogarskaia, Maria Churilova, Michael Kokkolaras, Elodie Bonhomme

The authors consider the problem of optimizing temporary fastener patterns in aircraft assembly. Minimizing the number of fasteners while maintaining final product quality…

Design and tests of a non-contact Bernoulli gripper for rough-surfaced and fragile objects gripping

Dong Liu, Minghao Wang, Naiyu Fang, Ming Cong, Yu Du

Varied shapes and sizes of different products with irregular rough surface and fragile properties give a challenge to traditional contact gripping. Single Bernoulli…

Investigations for partial denture casting by fused deposition modelling-assisted chemical vapour smoothing

Gurpartap Singh, Rupinder Singh, S.S. Bal

The purpose of this study is to investigate dimensional accuracy (Δd), surface roughness (Ra) and micro hardness (HV) of partial dentures (PD) prepared with synergic…

Robotic assembly for tight tolerant cascaded peg-in-hole process with incomplete constraints

Hongtai Cheng, Tianzhuo Liu, Wei Zhang, Lina Hao

Installing a tight tolerant stepped shaft is not a trivial task for an industrial robot. If all peg-hole constraints are complete, the cascaded peg-in-hole task can be…

A heuristic method with a novel stability concept to perform parallel assembly sequence planning by subassembly detection

Anil Kumar Gulivindala, M.V.A. Raju Bahubalendruni, S.S. Vara Prasad Varupala, Sankaranarayanasamy K.

Parallel assembly sequence planning (PASP) reduces the overall assembly effort and time at the product development stage. Methodological difficulties at framework…


Intelligent planning of product assembly sequences based on spatio-temporal semantic knowledge

Hongjuan Yang, Jiwen Chen, Chen Wang, Jiajia Cui, Wensheng Wei

The implied assembly constraints of a computer-aided design (CAD) model (e.g. hierarchical constraints, geometric constraints and topological constraints) represent an…



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