Assembly Automation: Volume 40 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Cabin posture adjustment method based on redundant constrained parallel mechanism

Wenmin Chu, Xiang Huang, Shuanggao Li

Posture adjustment plays an important role in spacecraft manufacturing. The traditional posture adjustment method, which has a large workload and is difficult to guarantee…

Wheel design and motion analysis of a new heavy-duty AGV in aircraft assembly lines

Junxia Jiang, Shenglin Zhang, Yuxiao He

The flexible automatic transportation and manual assembly jobs for large aircraft components demand an automated guided vehicle (AGV) system with heavy-duty capacity and…

Estimation for normal contact stiffness of joint surfaces by considering the variation of critical deformation

Qingchao Sun, Xin Liu, Xiaokai Mu, Yichao Gao

This paper aims to study the relationship between normal contact stiffness and contact load. It purpose a new calculation model of the normal contact stiffness of joint…

Enhanced static modeling of commercial pneumatic artificial muscles

XueAi Li, Kui Sun, Chuangqiang Guo, Teng Liu, Hong Liu

This paper aims to propose an enhanced static model of commercial braided pneumatic artificial muscles (PAMs), which is fully analytical without the need for…

A new hybrid particle swarm optimization and parallel variable neighborhood search algorithm for flexible job shop scheduling with assembly process

Parviz Fattahi, Naeeme Bagheri Rad, Fatemeh Daneshamooz, Samad Ahmadi

The purpose of this paper is to present a mathematical model and a new hybrid algorithm for flexible job shop scheduling problem with assembly operations. In this problem…

A lean production system design for semiconductor crystal-ingot pulling manufacturing using hybrid Taguchi method and simulation optimization

Taho Yang, Yuan-Feng Wen, Zong-Rui Hsieh, Jianxia Zhang

The purpose of this study is to propose an innovative methodology in solving the lean production design from semiconductor crystal-ingot pulling manufacturing which is an…

A precision analysis method for the kinematic assembly of complex products based on equivalence of deviation source

Dongping Zhao, Gangfeng Wang, Jizhuang Hui, Wei Hou, Richard David Evans

The assembly quality of complex products is pivotal to their lifecycle performance. Assembly precision analysis (APA) is an effective method used to check the feasibility…

Job rotation scheduling in the Seru system: shake enforced invasive weed optimization approach

Ashkan Ayough, Mohammad Hosseinzadeh, Alireza Motameni

Line–cell conversion and rotation of operators between cells are common in lean production systems. Thus, the purpose of this study is to provide an integrated look at…

Human-computer interaction based on machine vision of a smart assembly workbench

Shiqing Wu, Zhonghou Wang, Bin Shen, Jia-Hai Wang, Li Dongdong

The purpose of this study is to achieve multi-variety and small-batch assembly through direct cooperation between equipment and people and to improve assembly efficiency…

A novel optimization approach for segmented rabbit chase oriented U-type assembly line design: an application from lighting industry

Emre Cevikcan, Mehmet Bulent Durmusoglu

Rabbit chase (RC) is used as one of the most effective techniques in manufacturing systems, as such systems have high level of adaptability and increased productivity in…

Optimally scheduling and loading tow trains of in-plant milk-run delivery for mixed-model assembly lines

Binghai Zhou, Zhexin Zhu

This paper aims to investigate the scheduling and loading problems of tow trains for mixed-model assembly lines (MMALs). An in-plant milk-run delivery model has been…

Design, engineering and testing of an innovative adaptive automation assembly system

Marco Bortolini, Maurizio Faccio, Francesco Gabriele Galizia, Mauro Gamberi, Francesco Pilati

Industry 4.0 emerged as the Fourth Industrial Revolution aiming at achieving higher levels of operational efficiency, productivity and automation. In this context, manual…



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