Assembly Automation: Volume 40 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Robot Intelligence for Coordinated Manipulation and its Industrial Application

Guest Editors: Chenguang Yang, Lianqing Liu, Zhaojie Ju, Xiaofeng Liu

A conceptual scale model of mobile drilling robot

Dongmin Li, Yuanzhi Zhao, Shiming Zhu, Hengxuan Luan

This paper aims to propose a conceptual scale model of mobile drilling robot according to the actual drilling rig and working conditions to improve the safety and…

Dynamic characteristics of a jumping robot with coordinated quadruped legs

Jun Zhong, Ruqi Ma

Jumping robots with coordinated multiple legs have been a hot research subject during the past years because of their excellent abilities in fast moving and…

Identification of nonlinear state-space time-delay system

Xin Liu, Hang Zhang, Pengbo Zhu, Xianqiang Yang, Zhiwei Du

This paper aims to investigate an identification strategy for the nonlinear state-space model (SSM) in the presence of an unknown output time-delay. The equations to…

An end-to-end learning method for industrial defect detection

Yupei Wu, Di Guo, Huaping Liu, Yao Huang

Automatic defect detection is a fundamental and vital topic in the research field of industrial intelligence. In this work, the authors develop a more flexible deep…

One-shot gesture recognition with attention-based DTW for human-robot collaboration

Yiqun Kuang, Hong Cheng, Yali Zheng, Fang Cui, Rui Huang

This paper aims to present a one-shot gesture recognition approach which can be a high-efficient communication channel in human–robot collaboration systems.

Wirerope-driven exoskeleton to assist lower-limb rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients by using motion capture

Longhan Xie, Ledeng Huang

The purpose of this paper is to design a lower limb exoskeleton to enhance hemiplegic patient’s muscle strength and help the affected side return to normal gait after a…


Effective anti-collision algorithms for RFID robots system

Honggang Wang, Shanshan Wang, Jia Yao, Ruoyu Pan, Qiongdan Huang, Hanlu Zhang, Jingfeng Yang

The purpose of this paper is to study how to improve the performance of RFID robot system by anti-collision algorithms. For radio frequency identification (RFID) robots…

ASPW-DRL: assembly sequence planning for workpieces via a deep reinforcement learning approach

Minghui Zhao, Xian Guo, Xuebo Zhang, Yongchun Fang, Yongsheng Ou

This paper aims to automatically plan sequence for complex assembly products and improve assembly efficiency.


Cooperative multi-agent search using Bayesian approach with connectivity maintenance

Hu Xiao, Rongxin Cui, Demin Xu

This paper aims to present a distributed Bayesian approach with connectivity maintenance to manage a multi-agent network search for a target on a two-dimensional plane.

An extended DMP framework for robot learning and improving variable stiffness manipulation

Feifei Bian, Danmei Ren, Ruifeng Li, Peidong Liang, Ke Wang, Lijun Zhao

The purpose of this paper is to present a method which enables a robot to learn both motion skills and stiffness profiles from humans through kinesthetic human-robot cooperation.

Cooperative control of dual-arm robots in different human-robot collaborative tasks

Xinbo Yu, Shuang Zhang, Liang Sun, Yu Wang, Chengqian Xue, Bin Li

This paper aims to propose cooperative control strategies for dual-arm robots in different human–robot collaborative tasks in assembly processes. The authors set three…

Reinforcement learning for human-robot shared control

Yanan Li, Keng Peng Tee, Rui Yan, Shuzhi Sam Ge

This paper aims to propose a general framework of shared control for human–robot interaction.

On stability for learning human control strategy by demonstrations using SVM

Zhiyang Wang, Yongsheng Ou

This paper aims to deal with the trade-off of the stability and the accuracy in learning human control strategy from demonstrations. With the stability conditions and the…

A novel active balance assistive control strategy based on virtual stiffness model of XCoM

Wei Guo, Shiyin Qiu, Fusheng Zha, Jing Deng, Xin Wang, Fei Chen

This paper aims to propose a novel balance-assistive control strategy for hip exoskeleton robot.

Dynamic stability analysis of a tracked mobile robot based on human–robot interaction

Chengguo Zong, Zhijian Ji, Haisheng Yu

This paper aims to provide a theoretical principle for the stability control of robot climbing stairs, autonomously based on human–robot interaction. Through this…

Disturbance observer-based coordinated control for three dimensional formation of unmanned autonomous helicopter

Rong Mei

This paper aims to study the issue of the three-dimensional formation coordinated control for the unmanned autonomous helicopter (UAH) by using the sliding mode…



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