Assembly Automation: Volume 4 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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The name of the game is automation

Marwin Production Machines is moving more and more into automation particularly, but not confined to, assembly. Brian Rooks has been examining the activities of the company.

Graphics as an aid to design‐for‐assembly

In this issue design‐for‐assembly is highlighted. Methods of designing parts to ease assembly, whether manual or automatic, have been around for 30 years. Brian Rooks…

Product design for general purpose assembly

A.H. Redford

For the last two years work has been in progress at the Universities of Massachusetts and Salford on ‘Design for general purpose assembly’. The first edition of a handbook…

Design for assembly — a case study

S. Kähler

A paper presented at the Paris Assembly Automation conference dealt with a typical project concerning assembly automation of an LPG gas valve which had not been designed…

Systematic approach to ease assembly

The Japanese take a pragmatic approach to the problem of refining design for assembly. John Hartley reports.

When the part becomes the tool

Following last month's review of Seiko's part feeding system, John Hartley looks in more detail at the watch movement assembly line where this unique system is applied.



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