Assembly Automation: Volume 4 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Renault to the fore at Cleon

The French car company's highly automated engine machining and assembly plant in Normandy features a lot of equipment supplied by its own manufacturing companies. Brian…

Robot assembles industrial ball valve

A single robot assembly cell in a small French town is the result of one man's ingenuity and dedication. That cell is now producing valves for Gachot, as Brian Rooks has…

Using the ABC analysis in design for assembly

Bruno Lotter

Design for automatic assembly can be greatly assisted by a method of analysis founded on seven fundamental questions aimed at discovering and reducing the total cost of a…

Seiko's linear approach

Conventional parts feeders replaced by strip and tape feeders in new Japanese system. John Hartley reports.

Make it on the machine simplifies feeding

At the Zurich Industrial Handling show the Swiss manufacturer Meto‐Fer demonstrated a special purpose assembly machine destined for Sweden. Several stations were fed by…

Precision and organisation in part feeding

John Hartley

Japanese companies are following established lines in parts feeding — but have added precision and good organisation.



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