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Design and analysis of output feedback constraint control for antilock braking system based on Burckhardt’s model

Youguo He, Chuandao Lu, Jie Shen, Chaochun Yuan

The purpose of this study is to improve vehicles’ brake stability, the problem of constraint control for an antilock braking system (ABS) with asymmetric slip ratio…

Combination modeling of auto body assembly dimension propagation considering multi-source information for variation reduction

Yinhua Liu, Shiming Zhang, Guoping Chu

This paper aims to present a combination modeling method using multi-source information in the process to improve the accuracy of the dimension propagation relationship…

Numerical and experimental investigation of bulk stress distribution in edge under different clamping sequence

Hua Wang, Hailong Wang

The edge is a typical aero-structural compliant part, whose length-width ratio is about 60:1 and height-thickness ratio is about 30:1. Distortion of the edge is mainly…


A flexible resource investment problem based on project splitting for aircraft moving assembly line

Yifei Ren, Zhiqiang Lu

In response to the station design and flexible resources allocation of the aircraft moving assembly line, a new problem named flexible resource investment problem based on…

The coupling mechanism of reassembly quality with uncertainty of remanufactured parts

Cuixia Zhang, Conghu Liu, Jianqing Chen, Qiang Li, Kang He, Mengdi Gao, Wei Cai

The uncertainty of remanufacturing parts is a key factor affecting the quality of remanufactured products. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to measure the…

A 3D assembly model retrieval method based on assembly information

Hu Qiao, Qingyun Wu, Songlin Yu, Jiang Du, Ying Xiang

The purpose of this paper is to propose a three-dimensional (3D) assembly model retrieval method based on assembling semantic information to address semantic mismatches…

A study on product assembly and disassembly time prediction methodology based on virtual maintenance

Kaijun Cai, Weiming Zhang, Wenzhuo Chen, Hongfei Zhao

Based on virtual maintenance, this paper aims to propose a time prediction method of assembly and disassembly (A&D) actions of product maintenance process to enhance…

An efficient algorithm for U-type assembly line re-balancing problem with stochastic task times

Faruk Serin, Süleyman Mete, Erkan Çelik

Changing the product characteristics and demand quantity resulting from the variability of the modern market leads to re-assigned tasks and changing the cycle time on the…

Precise on-line non-target pose measurement for cylindrical components based on laser scanning

Jieyu Zhang, Yuanying Qiu, Xuechao Duan, Changqi Yang

Cylindrical components are common in industry assembly areas. It is necessary to obtain their precise positions and orientations for their assemblies. But some measurement…

Classification, representation and automatic extraction of adhesively bonded assembly features

Shantanu Kumar Das, Abinash Kumar Swain

This paper aims to present the classification, representation and extraction of adhesively bonded assembly features (ABAFs) from the computer-aided design (CAD) model.

Modeling and performance analysis of machining fixture for near-net-shaped jet engine blade

Hui Wang, Jingsong Peng, Bing Zhao, Xin-Dong Zhang, Jie Yu, Yuan Li, Mao-Min Wang

Near-net-shaped processes of jet engine blade have better performance in both reducing the material waste during production and improving work reliability in service…

Structure-function correlations analysis and functional semantic annotation of mechanical CAD assembly model

Zhoupeng Han, Rong Mo, Haicheng Yang, Li Hao

Three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) assembly model has become important resource for design reuse in enterprises, which implicates plenty of design intent…

RFID-based tracking and monitoring approach of real-time data in production workshop

Xixing Li, Baigang Du, Yibing Li, Kejia Zhuang

In practical workshop production process, there are many production emergencies, e.g. new manufacturing tasks, facilities failure and tasks change. On one hand, it results…

Integrated design environment for reusable modular assembly systems

Pedro Ferreira, Paul Danny Anandan, Ivo Pereira, Vikrant Hiwarkar, Mohmed Sayed, Niels Lohse, Susana Aguiar, Gil Gonçalves, Joana Gonçalves, Fabian Bottinger

This paper aims to provide a service-based integrated prototype framework for the design of reusable modular assembly systems (RMAS) incorporating reusability of equipment…

A multimedia case-based reasoning framework for assembly sequence planning

Junhao Chen, Xiaoliang Jia

Assembly sequence planning (ASP) is a crucial job during assembly process design. However, it is still difficult to reuse the existing solution to solve a new ASP problem…

An MBD based framework for relative position accuracy measurement in digital assembly of large-scale component

Guijiang Duan, Zhibang Shen, Rui Liu

This paper aims to promote the integration of the relative position accuracy (RPA) measurement and evaluation in digital assembly process by adopting the model-based…

Complementary projector for null-space stiffness control of redundant assembly robot arm

Nikola Lukic, Petar B. Petrovic

Stiffness control of redundant robot arm, aimed at using extra degrees of freedom (DoF) to shape the robot tool center point (TCP) elastomechanical behavior to be…

Design and human–machine compatibility analysis of Co-Exos II for upper-limb rehabilitation

Leiyu Zhang, Jianfeng Li, Shuting Ji, Peng Su, Chunjing Tao, Run Ji

Upper-limb joint kinematics are highly complex and the kinematics of rehabilitation exoskeletons fail to reproduce them, resulting in hyperstaticity and human–machine…

A survey on data-driven process monitoring and diagnostic methods for variation reduction in multi-station assembly systems

Yinhua Liu, Rui Sun, Sun Jin

Driven by the development in sensing techniques and information and communications technology, and their applications in the manufacturing system, data-driven quality…

Assembly variation analysis of compliant mechanisms by combining direct linearization method and Lagrange’s equations

Zhihua Niu, Zhimin Li, Sun Jin, Tao Liu

This paper aims to carry out assembly variation analysis for mechanisms with compliant joints by considering deformations induced by manufactured deviations. Such an…



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