Assembly Automation: Volume 39 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Robotic Control for Industrial and Service Applications

Guest Editors: Hesheng Wang, Hanlei Wang, Long Cheng, Xuebo Zhang

sEMG-based shoulder-elbow composite motion pattern recognition and control methods for upper limb rehabilitation robot

Xiufeng Zhang, Jitao Dai, Xia Li, Huizi Li, Huiqun Fu, Guoxin Pan, Ning Zhang, Rong Yang, Jianguang Xu

This paper aims to develop a signal acquisition system of surface electromyography (sEMG) and use the characteristics of (sEMG) signal to interference action pattern.

Anti-disturbance iterative learning tracking control for space manipulators with repetitive reference trajectory

Jian Zhong Qiao, Hao Wu, Yukai Zhu, Jianwei Xu, Wenshuo Li

This paper is concerned with the repetitive trajectory tracking control for space manipulators under model uncertainties and vibration disturbances.

CurviPicker: a continuum robot for pick-and-place tasks

Zhixiong Yang, Bin Zhao, Liang Bo, Xiangyang Zhu, Kai Xu

Pick-and-place tasks are common across many industrial sectors, and many rigid-linked robots have been proposed for this application. This paper aims to alternatively…

Flexible co-manipulation and transportation with mobile multi-robot system

Bassem Hichri, Lounis Adouane, Jean-Christophe Fauroux, Youcef Mezouar, Ioan Doroftei

The purpose of this paper is to address optimal positioning of a group of mobile robots for a successful manipulation and transportation of payloads of any shape.

Docking mechanism design and dynamic analysis for the GEO tumbling satellite

Huang Jianbin, Li Zhi, Huang Longfei, Meng Bo, Han Xu, Pang Yujia

According to the requirements of servicing and deorbiting the failure satellites, especially the tumbling ones on geosynchronous orbit, this paper aims to design a docking…


Receding horizon control of mobile robots for locating unknown wireless sensor networks

Dilong Chen, Qiang Lu, Dongliang Peng, Ke Yin, Chaoliang Zhong, Ting Shi

The purpose of this paper is to propose a receding horizon control approach for the problem of locating unknown wireless sensor networks by using a mobile robot.

Concurrent-learning-based visual servo tracking and scene identification of mobile robots

Yu Qiu, Baoquan Li, Wuxi Shi, Yimei Chen

The purpose of this paper is to present a visual servo tracking strategy for the wheeled mobile robot, where the unknown feature depth information can be identified…

Mobile robot motion control and autonomous navigation in GPS-denied outdoor environments using 3D laser scanning

Qifeng Yang, Daokui Qu, Fang Xu, Fengshan Zou, Guojian He, Mingze Sun

This paper aims to propose a series of approaches to solve the problem of the mobile robot motion control and autonomous navigation in large-scale outdoor GPS-denied environments.

Unknown geometrical constraints estimation and trajectory planning for robotic door-opening task with visual teleoperation assists

Hongjun Xing, Kerui Xia, Liang Ding, Haibo Gao, Guangjun Liu, Zongquan Deng

The purpose of this paper is to enable autonomous door-opening with unknown geometrical constraints. Door-opening is a common action needed for mobile manipulators to…

Position-based impedance force controller with sensorless force estimation

Jianjun Yuan, Yingjie Qian, Liming Gao, Zhaohan Yuan, Weiwei Wan

This paper aims to purpose an improved sensorless position-based force controller in gravitational direction for applications including polishing, milling and deburring.



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