Assembly Automation: Volume 38 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Research and design of a multi-fingered hand made of hyperelastic material

Junhui Zhang, Xiufeng Zhang, Yang Li

The purpose of this study is to provide a novel multi-fingered hand made of hyperelastic material. This kind of hand has the advantage of less mechanical parts, simpler…

Adaptive robust sliding mode trajectory tracking control for 6 degree-of-freedom industrial assembly robot with disturbances

Li Pan, Guanjun Bao, Fang Xu, Libin Zhang

This paper aims to present an adaptive robust sliding mode tracking controller for a 6 degree-of-freedom industrial assembly robot with parametric uncertainties and…

Self-classification of assembly database using evolutionary method

Remigiusz Romuald Iwańkowicz, Michał Taraska

The purpose of the paper is to develop a method of automatic classification of the components of the assembly units. The method is crucial for developing an automatic ship…

C2-continuous orientation trajectory planning for robot based on spline quaternion curve

Xuejuan Niu, Tian Wang

To realize the smooth interpolation of orientation on robot end-effector, this paper aims to propose a novel algorithm based on the unit quaternion spline curve.

A semi-automatic approach to implement rapid non-immersive virtual maintenance simulation

Jie Geng, Xu Peng, Ying Li, Chuan Lv, Zili Wang, Dong Zhou

Current virtual simulation platforms provide various tools to generate non-immersive simulation processes purposefully in different domains. The generated simulation…

Inclusive estimations of ball screw-based CNC feed drive system over positioning and pre-loading factor

Kuldeep Verma, R.M. Belokar

This paper aims to investigate the performance and positioning accuracy of computer numerical controlled (CNC) feed drive system using a ball screw-based pre-loading impact factor.

Ergonomic layout optimization of a smart assembly workbench

Shi-qing Wu, Bin Shen, Yun-zhe Tang, Jia-hai Wang, Da-teng Zheng

The purpose of this paper is to study a method to optimize the arrangement of the devices on a smart assembly workbench, which help to reduce fatigue and improve…

A series-parallel inventory-redundancy green allocation system using a max-min approach via the interior point method

Amir Hossein Niknamfar, Seyed Armin Akhavan Niaki, Marziyeh karimi

The purpose of this study is to develop a novel and practical series-parallel inventory-redundancy allocation system in a green supply chain including a single…

Design and simulations of non-uniform velocity motion curves for a slider-crank servo press

Juxin Qu

The purpose of this paper is to develop and test a new design approach for stamping process curves based on the main transmission structure of a slider-crank servo press.

Scheduling multiple servers to facilitate just-in-time part-supply in automobile assembly lines

Tao Peng, Binghai Zhou

With regard to product variety and cost competition, just-in-time (JIT) part-supply has become a critical issue in automobile assembly lines (AALs). This paper aims to…

General inverse solution of six-degrees-of-freedom serial robots based on the product of exponentials model

Haixia Wang, Xiao Lu, Wei Cui, Zhiguo Zhang, Yuxia Li, Chunyang Sheng

Developing general closed-form solutions for six-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) serial robots is a significant challenge. This paper thus aims to present a general solution for…



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