Assembly Automation: Volume 38 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Fastener identification and assembly verification via machine vision

Leonard Rusli, Anthony Luscher

The study aims to evaluate the capability of a machine vision camera and software to recognize fasteners for the purpose of assembly verification. This will enable the…

A variational model for 3D tolerance analysis with manufacturing signature and operating conditions

Andrea Corrado, Wilma Polini, Giovanni Moroni, Stefano Petrò

The purpose of this work is to present a variational model able to deal with form tolerances and assembly conditions. The variational model is one of the methods proposed…

Analysis of chaotic dynamics for aircraft assembly lines

Bo Xin, Yuan Li, Jian-feng Yu, Jie Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the nonlinear dynamics of the aircraft assembly lines. An approach for modeling and analyzing the production rate of an…

Physical deformation configuration of a spatial clamped cable based on Kirchhoff rods

Hongwang Du, Wei Xiong, Haitao Wang, Zuwen Wang

In this study, a modeling method for a clamped deformable cable simulation based on Kirchhoff theory is proposed. This methodology can be used to describe the physical…

A multi-vision-based system for tube inspection

Peng Jin, Jian Hua Liu, Shaoli Liu, Xiao Wang

Geometric errors are common in metallic bent tubular parts. Thus, tubes should be inspected and fixed before welding with the joints first. After welding, the relative…

Workload smoothing in two-sided assembly lines

Xiaofeng Hu, Chunaxun Wu

The purpose of this paper is to define new criteria for measuring workload smoothness of two-sided assembly lines and propose an algorithm to solve a two-sided assembly…

Task planning for mobile painting manipulators based on manipulating space

Guolei Wang, Qiankun Yu, Tianyu Ren, Xiaotong Hua, Ken Chen

To paint large workpieces automatically, painting manipulators with hollow wrists must be transported by mobile platforms to different positions because of their limited…

Propagation analysis of variation for fuselage structures in multi-station aircraft assembly

Liang Cheng, Qing Wang, Jiangxiong Li, Yinglin Ke

This paper aims to present a modeling and analysis approach for multi-station aircraft assembly to predict assembly variation. The variation accumulated in the assembly…

Mechanical assembly assistance using marker-less augmented reality system

Yue Wang, Shusheng Zhang, Sen Yang, Weiping He, Xiaoliang Bai

This paper aims to propose a real-time augmented reality (AR)-based assembly assistance system using a coarse-to-fine marker-less tracking strategy. The system…

A novel spring-back model by considering assembly contact

Qing Ji, Yanfeng Xing, Xuexing Li, Sha Xu

The purpose of this paper is to present a novel assembly spring-back model which takes surface contact conditions between sheet metal parts into consideration so that the…

Object-oriented design of product assembly feature data requirements in advanced assembly planning

Mahmood Reza Khabbazi, Jan Wikander, Mauro Onori, Antonio Maffei

This paper introduces a schema for the product assembly feature data in an object-oriented and module-based format using Unified Modeling Language (UML). To link…



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