Assembly Automation: Volume 36 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Glove-based virtual hand grasping for virtual mechanical assembly

JingRong Li, YuHua Xu, JianLong Ni, QingHui Wang

Hand gesture-based interaction can provide far more intuitive, natural and immersive feelings for users to manipulate 3D objects for virtual assembly (VA). A mechanical…

Automatic multi-stereo-vision reconstruction method of complicated tubes for industrial assembly

Peng Jin, Jian Hua Liu, Shao Li Liu, Xiao Wang

Complicated tubes extensively exist in the industrial equipment. The manufacturing precision of the tubes is difficult to be ensured with bending machine. Therefore, the…

Evaluation of residual clearance after pre-joining and pre-joining scheme optimization in aircraft panel assembly

Di Yang, Weiwei Qu, Yinglin Ke

For the automatic drilling and riveting in panel assembly, gaps between the skin and strangers are inevitable and undesirable. At present, the determination of pre-joining…

A study on the control of an automatic picking system (APS) in a warehouse

Woo Ram Kim, Namuook Kim, Yoon Seok Chang

This paper aims to explore methods of defining ejecting zones (EZs) used in automatic picking systems (APSs), particularly in A-frame APSs. An A-frame APS automatically…


Design of a novel bionic prosthetic knee joint

Xiufeng Zhang, Huiqun Fu, Xitai Wang, Guanglin Li, Rong Yang, Ying Liu

This paper aims to find a new method that could be applied to the high and mid-grade prosthesis knee joint.

Force and position deviations estimation for ultra-thin tube assembly

Chao Shao, Xin Ye, Zhijing Zhang, Dengyu Zhou, Yuhong Liu

Micro ultra-thin tubes have important implications in aerospace, nuclear energy and other fields. In microassembly process, these parts are characterized by following…

Layout validation and re-configuration in Plug&Produce systems

Pedro Neves, Luis Ribeiro, João Dias-Ferreira, Mauro Onori, José Barata Oliveira

This paper aims to provide a method and decision support tool to enhance swift reconfiguration of Plug&Produce (P&P) systems in the presence of continuously changing…

An automated assembly technology for large mobile radar antenna

Gaoliang Peng, Yu Sun, Rui Han, Chuanhao Li

Large-scale mobile radars are still erected manually by using lifting equipment, which often fails to meet the requirements on precision, quality and efficiency in the…

An optimization methodology for multi model walking-worker assembly systems: an application from busbar energy distribution systems

Emre Cevikcan

Walking-worker assembly lines can be regarded as an effective method to achieve the above-mentioned characteristics. In such systems, workers, following each other, travel…

Optimal control method on assembly precision for a remanufactured car engine based on state space model

Jing Hu, Yuan Zhang, Maogen GE, Mingzhou Liu, Liu Conghu, Xiaoqiao Wang

The optimal control on reassembly (remanufacturing assembly) error is one of the key technologies to guarantee the assembly precision of remanufactured product. However…



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