Assembly Automation: Volume 35 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Recent innovations in adhesive technology

Robert Bogue

– This paper aims to provide an insight into recent innovations in adhesive technology by considering a selection of commercial developments and academic research activities.

Virtual assembly with physical information: a review

Keyan Liu, Xuyue Yin, Xiumin Fan, Qichang He

The purpose of this paper is to give a comprehensive survey on the physics-based virtual assembly (PBVA) technology in a novel perspective, to analyze current drawbacks…

Uncertainty evaluation and optimization of INS installation measurement using Monte Carlo Method

Qing Wang, Peng Huang, Jiangxiong Li, Yinglin Ke

The purpose of this paper is to increase the measurement accuracy of assembly deviations of an inertial navigation system, a new evaluation and optimal method of assembly…

Ambient intelligence for optimal manufacturing and energy efficiency

David Charles Robinson, David Adrian Sanders, Ebrahim Mazharsolook

This paper aims to describe the creation of innovative and intelligent systems to optimise energy efficiency in manufacturing. The systems monitor energy consumption using…

A subassembly identification method for truss structures manufacturing based on community detection

Hao Cao, Rong Mo, Neng Wan, Fang Shang, Chunlei Li, Dongliang Zhang

– The purpose of this paper is to present an automated method for complicated truss structure subassembly identification.

Design of a novel dexterous robotic gripper for in-hand twisting and positioning within assembly automation

Fei Chen, Luca Carbonari, Carlo Canali, Mariapaola D'Imperio, Ferdinando Cannella

This paper aims to design a novel jaw gripper with human-sized anthropomorphic features to be suitable for precise in-hand posture transitions, such as twisting and…

The generation of adaptive assembly from predicting change propagation

Hu Qiao, Rong Mo, Ying Xiang

The purpose of this paper is to establish an adaptive assembly, to realize the adaptive changing of the models and to improve the flexibility and reliability of assembly…

The compliance of robotic hands – from functionality to mechanism

Rui Li, Wei Wu, Hong Qiao

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the physical structure and the control mechanism of human motor nervous system to the robotic system in a tentative manner to…



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