Assembly Automation: Volume 34 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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What future for humans in assembly?

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to investigate the predicted expansion of robotic and three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies and its impact on the global assembly and manufacturing…

4D Printing: dawn of an emerging technology cycle

Eujin Pei

The purpose of this article is to reviews state-of-the-art developments in four-dimensional (4D) printing, discuss what it is, investigate new applications that have been…


Optional classification for reassembly methods with different precision remanufactured parts

Mingzhou Liu, Conghu Liu, Qinghua Zhu

The purpose of this study was to research how the reassembly (remanufacturing assembly) achieves a quality that is not lower than original production with different…

Modeling of fast pre-joining processes optimization for skin-stringer panels

Gang Liu, Wei Tang, Ying-Lin Ke, Qing-Liang Chen, Yunbo Bi

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new model for optimizing pre-joining processes quickly and accurately, guiding workers to standardized operations. For the…

An air-filled microgripper in microassembly system with coaxial alignment function

Xin Ye, Chao Shao, Zhijing Zhang, Jun Gao, Yang Yu

– The purpose of this paper is to design a microgripper that can achieve nondestructive gripping of a miniaturized ultra-thin-walled cylindrical part.

Illumination characteristics and image stitching for automatic inspection of bicycle part

Wen-Yang Chang, Chih-Ping Tsai

This study aims to investigate the spectral illumination characteristics and geometric features of bicycle parts and proposes an image stitching method for their automatic…

Peg-bush alignment under elastic vibrations

Edvardas Sadauskas, Bronius Baksys

The paper aims to theoretically and experimentally investigate vibratory peg-bush alignment using elastic vibrations of the peg, when the peg is axially excited by a…

Human factors automatic evaluation for entire maintenance processes in virtual environment

Shiguang Qiu, Yunfei Yang, Xiumin Fan, Qichang He

– The paper aims to propose a systematic approach for human factors (HFs) automatic evaluation for entire maintenance processes in virtual environment.

Inspector Robot – A new collaborative testing system designed for the automotive final assembly line

Rainer Müller, Matthias Vette, Matthias Scholer

The paper aims to deliver an approach of how lightweight robot systems can be used to automate manual processes for higher efficiency, increased process capability and…




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