Assembly Automation: Volume 34 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Random bin picking: has its time finally come?

Robert Bogue Consultant

This paper aims to provide details of recent developments in random bin picking (RBP) technologies and products, together with an insight into its commercial status and…

HARM type MEMS-based reed switch innovations address medical, automotive and other micro switching applications not previously possible

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review the advancements in development of high aspect ratio microfabrication (HARM) type of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) reed…

Development of an adaptive part feeder for handling sector-shaped parts

S. Udhayakumar, P.V. Mohanram, S. Yeshwanth, Manas Ranjan Biswal, A. Sabareeswaran

The purpose of this paper is to discuss a linear vibratory part feeder for handling brake liners, typical sector-shaped components. Part feeders have been used in the…

An improved vision calibration method for coaxial alignment microassembly

Xin Ye, Jun Gao, Zhijing Zhang, Chao Shao, Guangyuan Shao

The purpose of this paper is to propose a sub-pixel calibration method for a microassembly system with coaxial alignment function (MSCA) because traditional sub-pixel…

Automatic disassembly navigation for accurate virtual assembly path planning

Wanbin Pan, Yigang Wang, Peng Du

The purpose of this paper is to develop an automatic disassembly navigation approach for human interactions in the virtual environment to achieve accurate and effective…

Fitting optimization based on weighted Gaussian imaging method for auto body taillight assembly

Xiang Gao, Hua Wang, Guanlong Chen

Fitting evenness is one key characteristic for three-dimensional objects' optimal fit. The weighted Gaussian imaging method is developed for fitting evenness of auto body…

Non-destructive evaluation of stacking sequence in textile composite: different techniques and experimental verification

A. Saboktakin, T. Vu-Khanh, Y. Bonnefon

The purpose of this paper is to experimentally investigate the capability of four non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques to detect the layer orientation in textile…

A posture evaluation method for a large component with thermal deformation and its application in aircraft assembly

Liang Cheng, Qing Wang, Jiangxiong Li, Yinglin Ke

– The purpose of this paper is to propose a posture evaluation approach based on temperature compensation and three-dimensional (3-D) tolerance for the key points (KPs).

The repeatability positioning analysis of the industrial robot arm

Rafał Kluz, Tomasz Trzepieciński

The purpose of the following work was to work out the dependency to allow for the determination of the repeatability positioning error value of the robot at any given…

A new assembly variation analysis model based on the method of power balance for auto-body parts

Yanfeng Xing, Yansong Wang

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new assembly variation analysis model to analyze assembly variation for sheet metal parts. The main focus is to analyze assembly…



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