Assembly Automation: Volume 32 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Modular and Reconfigurable Assembly Systems

Europe fights back with advanced manufacturing and assembly technologies

Robert Bogue

The purpose of this paper is to provide details of a number of collaborative European projects which seek to improve the performance and capabilities of industrial…

Researchers gathered in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the latest CIRP conference on assembly technologies and systems

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review the CIRP Conference on Technologies and Systems for Assembly Quality, Productivity and Customization, held at the University of Michigan.

Optimization method of fixture layout for aeronautical thin‐walled structures with automated riveting

Hui Cheng, Yuan Li, Kai‐Fu Zhang, Chao Luan, Yan‐Wu Xu, Ming‐Hui Li

An appropriate fixture layout can decrease the assembly variation of Aeronautical Thin‐Walled Structure (ATWS) substantially. The purpose of this paper is to develop a…

Application of a new type feedforward‐feedback controller in assembly machine for assembled camshaft

Bao‐jun Lin, Ge Yu, Shen‐hua Yang, Shu‐qing Kou, Jiu‐he Wang

Aiming at the positioning accuracy control problem in the running of the assembly machine for assembled camshaft, a kind of position controller based on the…

Analyzing the jamming of parts on the shaft in assembly processes

R. Usubamatov, S.A. Adam, A. Harun

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the process of jamming of the hollow parts on the shaft and to derive a mathematical model for jamming in an assembly process.

Assembly planning with automated retrieval of assembly sequences from CAD model information

Roberto Viganò, Gilberto Osorio Gómez

The purpose of this paper is to define an approach to extract the liaison graph from a 3D CAD model and analyze a method to find at least a feasible assembly sequence for…

Manipulator handling device for assembly of large‐size panels

Seungnam Yu, Myeongsu Gil

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a novel device to handle a robot manipulator which can grip large‐size panels. This concept arises from questioning why the…

A review on dimensional tolerance synthesis: paradigm shift from product to process

Sandipan Karmakar, Jhareswar Maiti

The purpose of this paper is to present a state‐of‐the‐art review of dimensional tolerance synthesis and to demonstrate the evolution of tolerance synthesis from product…

Design for automatic end‐of‐life processes

Erik Sundin, Kristofer Elo, Hui Mien Lee

The purpose of this paper is to explore how manufacturers can develop automatic end‐of‐life processes facilitated by product design methods, e.g. design for disassembly…




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