Assembly Automation: Volume 32 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Smart Materials

Smart materials: a review of recent developments

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to provide a review of recent developments in selected fields of smart material technology.


Smart materials use in active disassembly

Joseph Chiodo, Nick Jones

Smart materials (SMs) have the potential for facilitating active disassembly (AD). Select SMs are used in the design of devices to aid product disassembly. The purpose of…


Modeling and analyzing of variation propagation in aeronautical thin‐walled structures automated riveting

Hui Cheng, Run‐Xiao Wang, Yuan Li, Kai‐Fu Zhang

Assembly variations, which will propagate along the assembly process, are inevitable and difficult to analyze in Aeronautical Thin‐Walled Structures (ATWS) assembly. The…

Separation of concerns on the orchestration of operations in flexible manufacturing

Germano Veiga, Pedro Malaca, J. Norberto Pires, Klas Nilsson

The growing complexity of industrial robot work‐cells calls for the use of advanced orchestration techniques to promote flexibility and reusability. This paper aims to…

Integration of JIT flexible manufacturing, assembly and disassembly using a simulation approach

Roongrat Pisuchpen

In the real world many companies combine the operations of manufacturing, assembly and disassembly. Thus, the integration of just‐in‐time FMS, FAS, and flexible…


Multiple part feeding – real‐world application for mobile manipulators

Mads Hvilshøj, Simon Bøgh, Oluf Skov Nielsen, Ole Madsen

The purpose of this paper is to present experience from a real‐world demonstration of autonomous industrial mobile manipulation (AIMM) based on the mobile manipulator…

Collaborative virtual maintenance training system of complex equipment based on immersive virtual reality environment

Xiangyang Li, Qinhe Gao, Zhili Zhang, Xianxiang Huang

The paper aims to provide an integrated system for collaborative maintenance training of complex equipment based on virtual maintenance and immersive virtual reality environment.

Sensor‐less insertion strategy for an eccentric peg in a hole of the crankshaft and bearing assembly

Jianhua Su, Hong Qiao, Zhicai Ou, Yuren Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to give a novel sensor‐less manipulation strategy for the high‐precision assembly of an eccentric peg into a hole.




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