Assembly Automation: Volume 31 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Theme title: Rapid prototyping and joining technologies

Recent developments in adhesive technology: a review

Robert Bogue

This paper aims to provide an insight into recent developments in adhesive technology.


Using selective laser sintering for manufacturing

James Butler

The purpose of this paper is to describe the basics of selective laser sintering (SLS) and also the benefits of designing parts to be built using this technology. Some…

Assembly and Automation Expo highlights innovations in automated assembly

Richard Bloss

The purpose of this paper is to review the automated assembly technology at the Assembly and Automation Expo. While assembly is the feature show, it combines with…


Automatic 3D digital patching for fragmented cultural relics repair

Jun‐Bao Li, Meng Li, Huijun Gao

Computer‐aided fragmented cultural relics repair is an effective method instead of manual repair. The purpose of this paper is to provide a 3D digital patching system for…

Integration of PCB assembly process planning and scheduling

Xuan Du, Zongbin Li, Song Wang

The purpose of this paper is to realize the integrated optimization of process planning and scheduling in printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

Automatic inspection and strategy for surface defects in the PI coating process of TFT‐LCD panels

Chern‐Sheng Lin, Jung Kuo, Chi‐Chin Lin, Yun‐Long Lay, Hung‐Jung Shei

The purpose of this paper is to apply an on‐line automatic inspection and measurement of surface defect of thin‐film transistor liquid‐crystal display (TFT‐LCD) panels in…

RFID and its benefits: a multiple case analysis

Yahia Zare Mehrjerdi

The purpose of this paper is to identify the key benefits of the radio frequency identification (RFID) on various industries and supply chains (SCs) all around the world…


Assembly manipulation of small objects by dual‐arm manipulator

Ruhizan Liza Ahmad Shauri, Kenzo Nonami

The purpose of this paper is to propose an assembly robot that exhibits specific human‐like skills, with minimal structural cost and a number of external sensors.


Dynamic analysis of vibratory insertion process

Sigitas Kilikevicius, Bronius Baksys

The paper aims to investigate theoretically and experimentally the process of compliantly supported peg insertion into a bush for high‐speed assembly, when vibrations are…




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