Assembly Automation: Volume 30 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Robots and Cooperative Assembly

IDEC's robot‐based cellular production system: a challenge to automate high‐mix low‐volume production

Yoshihiro Kusuda

The purpose of this paper is to provide a report of the world first robotized cellular production system developed by IDEC Corporation.

Automated assembly innovations at the 2009 Assembly Expo

Richard Bloss

The paper aims to review automated assembly technology at the Assembly Technology Expo.

Fifty years of the laser: its role in material processing

Robert Bogue

The paper aims to provide a review of the use of lasers in industry, with an emphasis on applications in manufacturing and material processing.


A robotic welding system using image processing techniques and a CAD model to provide information to a multi‐intelligent decision module

David A. Sanders, Gareth Lambert, Jasper Graham‐Jones, Giles E. Tewkesbury, Spencer Onuh, David Ndzi, Carl Ross

The paper aims to propose a system that uses a combination of techniques to suggest weld requirements for ships parts. These suggestions are evaluated, decisions are made…

A desktop virtual reality‐based integrated system for complex product maintainability design and verification

Peng Gaoliang, Haiquin Yu, Liu Xinhua, Jiang Yang, Xu He

Maintainability is the ability of a product system to be maintained and is a design characteristic. The paper aims to provide an integrated system for complex product…

Improving inventory accuracy using RFID technology: a case study

Daniel Hellström, Mathias Wiberg

This paper aims to explore and describe the impact of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology on inventory accuracy within a production and assembly plant, and to…


Grid‐enabled collaborative virtual assembly environment

Yong Hu, Dianliang Wu, Xiumin Fan, Xijin Zhen

Owing to the numerous part models and massive datasets used in automobile assembly design, virtual assembly software cannot simulate a whole vehicle smoothly in real time…

Pipe‐assembly approach for aero‐engines by modified particle swarm optimization

Qiang Liu, Chengen Wang

The paper aims to present a modified particle swarm optimization (MPSO) approach for automatic generation of near‐optimal pipe routes in constrained aero‐engine 3D…

An approach to find task sequence for re‐balancing of assembly lines

Kürşad Ağpak

Cycle time fluctuations in assembly lines are one of the important reasons of re‐balancing. As a result of re‐balancing of assembly lines, it will be necessary to change…

Applications and extensions of quality function deployment

Yahia Zare Mehrjerdi

The paper aims to review the fundamental concept of quality function deployment (QFD) and discusses the fact that a road to success for a new product development is the…




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