Assembly Automation: Volume 3 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Automatic assembly of crystal filters

Richard Paul

Everett/Charles Production Systems Inc. — a manufacturer of electronically reprogrammable factory automation systems — recently completed a crystal filter assembly…

Computer‐aided technologies will change the face of the consumer electronics industry

The introduction of computer‐aided technologies into consumer electronics will result in sweeping changes. These changes will cover a wide range of functions, from the…

Vision system aligns leads for automatic component insertion

Toshio Asano, Shunji Maeda, Toshiaki Murai

Two solid state cameras and a newly developed image processor have been used to measure the positional deviation of the two leads of a component and control adjustment of…

Testing — an integral part of automatic assembly

Lee J. Seymour

Planning an automatic assembly and testing system raises many questions, this paper aims to provide some of the answers, and suggests various approaches to the overall project.

Assembling bearing caps automatically

In spite of it being a time of recession last year was a good one for J. W. Froehlich (UK) Ltd. Its managing director, Colin Skinner, talked to Brian Rooks about the…

A robotic wire harnessing system

Wire harness fabrication is extremely labour intensive. Previous attempts to automate the process have used X‐Y tables and have only been partially successful due to…

Fanuc switches to robot assembly

John Hartley

Large number of robots used to assemble motors in new factory, while new systems are on show at Osaka.



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