Assembly Automation: Volume 28 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Programming Languages for Assembly and Automation

Hybrid (PAC) systems: pathway to productivity

Samuel Herb

Claimed to be programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that act like distributed control systems (DCSs), various people define hybrid systems differently: by functions, by…

Ethernet cuts fieldbus costs in industrial automation

James A. Hunt

The aim of this paper is to provide an update on the status of current fieldbuses and high‐speed Ethernet technologies for industrial automation.


BMW lifts robot total to 500 at Plant Oxford

John Mortimer

The paper aims to describe how BMW in the UK has increased the number of industrial robots at Plant Oxford in the UK; this plant is part of a production “triangle” that…


A model for function block communication and diagnostic messaging with EtherNet/IP

Richard Piggin, Vivek Hajarnavis

This paper aims to propose a model for the provision of EtherNet/IP device‐specific function blocks by discrete industry device vendors and to outline how multi‐vendor…

An investigation into programmable logic controller software design techniques in the automotive industry

Vivek Hajarnavis, Ken Young

This paper aims to describe the results of an investigation into the techniques used to design factory control systems in the body‐in‐white section of car‐manufacturing…

A GRAFCET‐compiler methodology for C‐programmed microcontrollers

Oriol Bayó‐Puxan, Josep Rafecas‐Sabaté, Oriol Gomis‐Bellmunt, Joan Bergas‐Jané

This paper seeks to describe why PLC's development tools can be used in the programming of C‐programmed microcontrollers, and an exhaustive methodology to compile Graphe…


Definition and execution of a generic assembly programming paradigm

Jochen Maaß, Sven Molkenstruck, Ulrike Thomas, Jürgen Hesselbach, Friedrich Wahl

This paper aims to introduce a generic robot‐programming paradigm for assembly tasks that overcomes the strong coupling between the motion commands and underlying…

High‐speed TFT LCD defect‐detection system with genetic algorithm

Chern‐Sheng Lin, Yo‐Chang Liao, Yun‐Long Lay, Kun‐Chen Lee, Mau‐Shiun Yeh

The purpose of this research is to develop an automatic optical inspection system for thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD).

The development of a wafer prealigner based on the multi‐sensor integration

Chunxia Huang, Qixin Cao, Zhuang Fu, Chuntao Leng

This paper sets out to propose a wafer prealigner based on multi‐sensor integration and an effective prealignment method implemented on it.




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