Assembly Automation: Volume 27 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Robotic assembly systems

Guest Editors: H. Chen, T.A. Fuhlbrigge, G. Zhang

Automated lamp manufacture

James A. Hunt

This paper seeks to describe automated lamp manufacturing.


Assembly operations streamlined by ABB's Global Partner Programme

Christine Connolly

This paper aims to illustrate how robots can form an efficient, versatile and cost‐effective component in assembly operations.

Automatically building or repairing composite fibre structures

Richard Bloss

This paper sets out to report on the developments in the evolution of advanced composite fibre structure production systems, to highlight advanced equipment already in…

Path‐planning techniques for the simulation of disassembly tasks

Iker Aguinaga, Diego Borro, Luis Matey

This paper aims to develop path‐planning techniques that support a general selective disassembly planner in a virtual reality environment.

Application of fused deposition modelling in controlled drug delivery devices

S.H. Masood

This paper seeks to present an investigation on building controlled drug delivery device (DDD) matrix using fused deposition modelling (FDM) rapid prototyping (RP…


Improvement of parallel robots for handling and assembly tasks

Mathias Krefft, Philipp Last, Christoph Budde, Jochen Maass, Jürgen Hesselbach, Friedrich M. Wahl

This paper seeks to establish parallel robots with strong performance characteristics in handling and assembly processes.


Laser micromachining for mould manufacturing: II. Manufacture and testing of mould inserts

J. Vasco, P. J. Bártolo, B. Silva, C. Galo

Laser milling is a non‐conventional layer‐by‐layer material removal technology suitable for machining a wide range of materials. This technology is particularly suitable…


A function block diagnostic framework for a multi‐vendor PROFIBUS environment

Hassan Kaghazchi, Ronan Joyce, Donal Heffernan

This paper sets out to highlight the problem associated with the development of fieldbus diagnostics in a multi‐vendor environment and to propose a solution based on…


Integrated robotic system for high precision assembly in a semi‐structured environment

Heping Chen, George Zhang, Hui Zhang, Thomas A. Fuhlbrigge

This paper aims to develop a strategy for high‐precision assembly in a semi‐structured environment based on vision and force control.




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