Assembly Automation: Volume 27 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Flexible manufacturing and Small Batch Production

Guest Editors: Dr Mozafar Saadat

Machine tools become much more than just a lathe or milling machine

Richard Bloss

To review the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago with emphasis on innovations in applying automation to manufacturing and assembly.


Eighteen “monozukuri‐focused” assembly line design and visual factory management principles with DENSO industrial examples

Paul G. Ranky

To offer lean design and assembly principles with a focus on “monozukuri,” meaning sustainable, environmentally friendly factories and products with simultaneously…


Is six sigma a management fad or fact?

Jiju Antony

This paper aims to present the results of a study carried out by the author in the form of a panel discussion on the topic – “Is Six Sigma another management fad or fact?”


Maybe the world's largest automated assembly system?

Richard Bloss

To examine how a very large order assembly system can be designed and commissioned to achieve a throughput of filling 2,400 order totes/h with medical prescription orders.

An image processing approach for jigsaw puzzle assembly

Ni Fei, Fu Zhuang, Liu Renqiang, Cao Qixin, Zhao Yanzheng

To develop an image processing approach for jigsaw puzzle assembly.

Novel design and development of an active feeder

Patrick S.K. Chua

This paper aims to focus on the novel design and development of an automatic feeding system which is capable of feeding cylindrical parts which are fragile and powdery in…

Alignment of parts in automatic assembly using vibrations

Bronius Baksys, Nomeda Puodziuniene

The paper aims to investigate theoretically and experimentally vibrational alignment of parts in an assembly position under kinematical excitement of the movably based part.

Selecting the right system ‐ assembly system comparison with total cost of ownership methodology

Juhani Heilala, Jari Montonen, Kaj Helin

To present theories for total cost of ownership (TCO) methodology in assembly system trade‐off analysis and to show benefits of the methodology as a decision support in…


The cost of flexibility

Johannes Van Biesebroeck

In the automobile industry, the variety of vehicles produced continues to increase. At the same time, historically firms have incurred a sizeable productivity penalty for…


PARVUS – miniaturised robot for improved flexibility in micro production

Arne Burisch, Jan Wrege, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach, Reinhard Degen

Until now, the size range of most machines for precision assembly was much larger than the size of the pieces to be handled or the necessary workspace. Flexibly scalable…




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