Assembly Automation: Volume 26 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Electronics Industry

Guest Editors: Professor Mauro Onori

A lean route to manufacturing survival

Andrew Lee‐Mortimer

Aims to detail the ongoing implementation of lean manufacturing at a UK‐based electronic product‐manufacturing operation.


Welding innovations for thick and thin sheet

Anna Kochan

To highlight innovative welding technology exhibited at the Automatica exhibition in Munich.

Volkswagen highlights EOS assembly at Hannover Messe

Anna N. Kochan

To review the Hannover Messe and report on the latest developments in assembly technology.


Smart robot that picks parts from bins

Richard Bloss

To describe how one innovative company has developed software which teamed with a vision system allows an agile robot to be taught how to pick randomly place parts from a…

Inspection systems for electronic circuits from the “Close‐Ups” company

Christine Connolly

To examine the different types of equipment available for optical inspection of assembled electronic circuit boards.

Virtually formed manufacturing enterprises

Ramazan Yaman, Soha Eid Moussa

To share the authors' view for an enterprise formation, and a product assembly using communication and information technology in economic manner.

A novel parallel robot for current microassembly applications

Luca Bruzzone, Rezia M. Molfino

Aims to discuss how a Cartesian parallel robot with flexure revolute joints can effectively perform miniaturized assembly tasks.

The role of key characteristics in the design of mechanical assemblies

Daniel E. Whitney

Products are complex and are comprised of many parts from many sources, designed at different times by different people and companies. The same holds true for the tooling…


E‐learning of automated parts feeding

Patrick Chua

This paper seeks to describe the development of an e‐learning package in Automated Parts Feeding, by discussing the concept of e‐learning, the development process and…

Strategic selection of assembly systems under viable demands

Tetsuo Yamada, Kakefuda Satomi, Masayuki Matsui

Aims to strategically compare assembly lines to cell production including flexible cell system (FCS) under viable demands using the pair matrix table by the lot size and…




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