Assembly Automation: Volume 26 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Parts feeding and parts presentation

Guest Editors: Dr Mike Tao Zhang

Vision today for assembly automation

Donald Braggins

To show how advances in machine vision technology are of particular benefit to automated assembly.


High‐speed imaging investigations from Pixoft Diagnostic Imaging Ltd

Christine Connolly

To report on specialist software developed for the management and analysis of high‐speed imaging.

Robotunits takes a Lego‐brick approach to automation system building

Christine Connolly

To highlight an innovative approach to the construction of factory production equipment.

Automated assembly of electrical panel covers

Richard Bloss

To report on the design and development of an automated circuit breaker panel cover assembly system. The system employs two robotically controlled spot welding heads and a…

A measurement system for brake connectors in automobiles

Jin‐jiang Wang, Jiang‐yun Zeng, Xutao Mo, Ren Li, Peng Wang, Wen‐yao Liu, Ming Liu

The brake connector of an automobile is one important part in the brake system. How to measure the matching surface quality is a problem, because the matching surface is a…

Six sigma: effective handling of deep rooted quality problems

Andrew Lee‐Mortimer

Details the implementation of six sigma at one UK based manufacturing company.


Wireless ethernet for industrial applications

Richard Piggin, David Brandt

Wireless technology continues to evolve for the industrial market; however, there are several issues and challenges that must be addressed to ensure successful…


Advanced vision guided robotics provide “future‐proof” flexible automation

Andrew Perks

Vision guided robotics (VGR) is a fast growing technology and a way to reduce manpower and retain production, especially in countries with high manufacturing overheads and…


Blades for feeding 3D parts on vibratory tracks

Onno C. Goemans, Ken Goldberg, A. Frank van der Stappen

Proposes a simple bowl feeder primitive, consisting of one horizontally mounted convex polygonal metal “blade” that can feed a broad class of three‐dimensional polyhedral…

Laser micromachining for mould manufacturing: I. The influence of operating parameters

Paulo Bartolo, Joel Vasco, Bruno Silva, Carlos Galo

Laser milling is a recent process in mould making, providing several advantages over traditional mould making technologies by reducing manufacturing time, shortening the…

Networked embedded automation

Nunzio Hayslip, Shivakumar Sastry, Jon S. Gerhardt

The aim of this research is to investigate whether a collection of tiny, resource constrained, microcontrollers that communicate with each other over wireless links can…




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