Assembly Automation: Volume 25 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Rapid Prototyping

Guest Editors: Dr Jonathan Corney

Rethink assembly design

Ralf Becker, Andrzej Grzesiak, Axel Henning

Rapid manufacturing processes provide designers, mechanical and process engineers with a lot of chances and opportunities. It is necessary to show them, how their work and…


Case study: selective laser sintering of the USUSat II small satellite structure

Joel Quincieu, Chris Robinson, Brent Stucker, Todd Mosher

This paper illustrates an effective application of rapid prototyping (RP) to produce a high definition polymer model of a satellite structure prior to final machining of…


New high speed imaging CMM system aids car production

Robert Bogue

To describe a new vision‐based co‐ordinate measuring machine (CMM) developed in France by ActiCM, which has undergone successful trials with car maker Renault.

A study of capillary forces as a gripping principle

Pierre Lambert, Alain Delchambre

This work aimed at studying the use of capillary forces as a gripping principle in the handling of sub‐millimetric sized components. The goal was to present the results as…


Medical rapid prototyping applications and methods

L.C. Hieu, N. Zlatov, J. Vander Sloten, E. Bohez, L. Khanh, P.H. Binh, P. Oris, Y. Toshev

Aims to investigate medical rapid prototyping (medical RP) technology applications and methods based on reverse engineering (RE) and medical imaging data.


Temperature controlled laser chemical vapor deposition (LCVD) using thermal imaging

Daniel Jean, W. Jack Lackey, Chad E. Duty

To describe the thermal imaging control system used to deposit lines of graphite in a laser chemical vapor deposition (LCVD) system.

Direct tool steel injection mould inserts through the Arcam EBM free‐form fabrication process

Gregory J. Gibbons, Robert G. Hansell

The aim of this study is to demonstrate the benefit of design flexibility afforded by the Arcam free‐form fabrication process in the direct manufacture of injection mould…


Rapid tooling in support of accelerated new product development

Deon de Beer, Gerrie Booysen, Ludrick Barnard, Michèle Truscott

The paper examines whether additive manufacturing can deliver durable injection‐moulding tools – fast, reliable, accurate and economic. Researchers from the Central…


Thermal characteristics of a new metal/polymer material for FDM rapid prototyping process

S.H. Masood, W.Q. Song

Presents development and characterisation of a new metal/polymer composite material for use in fused deposition modelling (FDM) rapid prototyping process with the aim of…


Embedded micro‐channel fabrication using line‐scan stereolithography

Ryan B. Wicker, Atul V. Ranade, Francisco Medina, Jeremy A. Palmer

In an effort to directly manufacture devices with embedded complex and three‐dimensional (3D) micro‐channels on the order of microns to millimeters, issues associated with…




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