Assembly Automation: Volume 25 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Machine Vision

Guest Editors: Professor E.R. Davies

Part‐tracking labelling and machine vision

Christine Connolly

Considers the use of bar and matrix codes in assembly operations and after‐sales part tracking.


Tracking parts for life: cost‐effective vision‐based code readers offer numerous advantages

Leigh Simpson

The article aims to highlight the advantages of using vision‐based code readers to ensure part traceability.

The use of infrared imaging in industry

Christine Connolly

To show the wide range of applications of infrared imaging being used in industry.

Machine vision approach for robotic assembly

Mario Peña‐Cabrera, Ismael Lopez‐Juarez, Reyes Rios‐Cabrera, Jorge Corona‐Castuera

Outcome with a novel methodology for online recognition and classification of pieces in robotic assembly tasks and its application into an intelligent manufacturing cell.


A binocular machine vision system for ball grid array package inspection

Cao Qixin, Fu Zhuang, Xia Nianjiong, F.L. Lewis

In this paper, an optical inspection method of the ball grid array package(BGA) is proposed using a binocular machine vision system.

Real‐time quality control of surgical material packaging by artificial vision

Antonio López, Ernest Valveny, Juan José Villanueva

In the last years, artificial vision systems have widely spread among quality control processes in many industries. In this paper we present an artificial vision system…

3D CAD model generation of mechanical parts using coded‐pattern projection and laser triangulation systems

David Page, Andreas Koschan, Sophie Voisin, Ngozi Ali, Mongi Abidi

Investigate the use of two imaging‐based methods – coded pattern projection and laser‐based triangulation – to generate 3D models as input to a rapid prototyping pipeline.




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