Assembly Automation: Volume 25 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

Table of contents - Special Issue: Adhesives

Guest Editors: Dr Deborah Pullen

A review of adhesive bonding techniques for joining medical materials

S.M. Tavakoli, D.A. Pullen, S.B. Dunkerton

Aims to review polymeric materials used as adhesives and the related bonding procedures applicable in the medical industry.


Pallet conveyor now smarter and slimmer

Richard Bloss

Purpose – Describes how one company addressed the need for a pallet conveyor innovation which would achieve a number of goals such as reduced maintenance, operating noise…

Assembly in aerospace features at IEE seminar

Brian Rooks

To review presentations on assembly and joining given at a seminar, “The changing face of robotics: inside and outside the factory”, organised by the UK Institution of…


Environmental protection and quick assembly feature at autumn shows

Richard Bloss

This paper highlights new automated assembly system components introduced in late 2004. Products meet new levels of environmental protection and offer features for quicker…

Hose production machines bring savings for US manufacturer

Brian Rooks

The paper describes the operation of two hose maufacturing machines.

Using piezoelectric technology to improve servo gripper performance in mini‐ and microassembly

Ilpo Karjalainen, Teemu Sandelin, Riku Heikkilä, Reijo Tuokko

Aims to research the possibilities of using piezoelectric technology to improve accuracy and other characteristics of parallel servo grippers.

A selective disassembly methodology for end‐of‐life products

S. Kara, P. Pornprasitpol, H. Kaebernick

Aims to develop a selective disassembly methodology for generating an optimum disassembly sequence for end‐of‐life (EOL) products.


Use of artificial neural networks for determining optimum thread forming speeds for thread forming fasteners

Roman E. Chumakov, Kandidat Nauk

Develops a neural network based system for optimum assembly speeds using thread‐forming fasteners.

An investigation into joining of austenitic‐stainless steels (AISI 304) with friction welding

Mumin Sahin

Aims to determine if friction welding is suitable for welding austenitic stainless steel (AISI 304)

Concurrent design and manufacturing process of automotive composite components

S.M. Sapuan

To present the findings of the research on the use of concurrent engineering in the development of polymeric based composite automotive clutch pedal. It covers the use of…




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