Assembly Automation: Volume 24 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Shifting expectations: automation and safety networking

Richard Piggin

Safety‐related fieldbus is now being employed in many varied applications. Developments in fieldbus technology and programmable systems, coupled with developments in…


The shrinking sizes in micro manufacturing

Brian Rooks

A report on a seminar in “Micro and nano manufacturing” is organised by the UK Manufacturing Technology Association in partnership with the University of Birmingham School…


Volkswagen makes a success with lasers

Anna Kochan

Reports from the 2004 Automotive Laser Applications Workshop in Plymouth, MI on the keynote presentation given by Klaus Loeffler, Volkswagen's joining specialist. Outlines…


New show an automation extravaganza

Anna Kochan

Automatica 2004, a new exhibition dedicated to industrial automation, attracted 566 exhibitors from 22 countries, the first time it was held in Munich. Exhibits revealed a…

Design, modelling and control of four‐axis parallel robotic arm for assembly operations

Nazim Mir‐Nasiri

This paper concerns a new robotic arm with a parallel structure, but with a functionality or geometry similar to the serial structure of a SCARA robot. However, it has a…


A pressure‐assisted approach for laser‐beam weld‐bonding Al alloy structure for automobiles

Robert W. Messler, Scot Bohnenstiehl, John Levene, Erika Johnson, Luo Chen

Being inherently a non‐pressure fusion process, laser‐beam welding (LBW) has been shown to have difficulty compared to resistance spot welding for weld‐bonding Al alloy…

Preliminary investigation of virtual assembly constructing

Liu Jiangsheng, Yao Yingxue

Virtual assembly (VA) based on virtual reality (VR) is a key technique of virtual manufacturing. It provides not only an intuitive and interactive interface for virtual…

Intelligent fastening with A‐BOLTTM technology and sensor networks

Siddeswara Mayura Guru, Saman Fernando, Saman Halgamuge, Kenneth Chan

Threaded fasteners appear to be the best low cost option for applying a desired clamp load to assemble a joint, which can be disassembled, if necessary, at a low cost. A…

Rapid fabrication of a non‐assembly robotic hand with embedded components

Kathryn J. De Laurentis, Constantinos Mavroidis

The application of rapid prototyping in fabricating a non‐assembly, multi‐articulated robotic hand with inserts is presented in this paper. The development of robotic…


Mastering high‐density optical disks: a new concept design

J.W. Spronck, M.H. El‐Husseini, L. Jabben, P.M. Overschie, D.G.E. Hobbelen, P. du Pau, H. Polinder, J. van Eijk

Mastering high‐density optical disks, like the Blu‐ray™ disk, requires new equipment design. Active magnetic bearing technology seem well suitable for this purpose, but…

Exploring the benefits of MEMS for micro assembly tasks

Vincent Henneken, Marcel Tichem, Bernhard Karpuschewski

An alternative way of performing micro‐assembly tasks is by means of product‐internal assembly functions. After a coarse alignment step, the parts are fine positioned…




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