Assembly Automation: Volume 24 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Micro and modular assembly approaches headline fall shows

Richard Bloss

Automated assembly is moving to smaller and more flexible systems and components, offering greater ability for redeployment and adaptability to device assembly as small as…

Interactive motion control using Ch – an embeddable C/C++ interpreter

Stephen S. Nestinger, Harry H. Cheng

A flexible agile assembly system requires an open architecture integration environment that is mechatronic device and computer platform independent. An interactive…

A new level of automation in fraction HP (kW) electric motor manufacturing

Jim Kirkhoff

A new innovative automated assembly system produces a wide range of fractional horsepower (kilowatt ) motor stators in a flex‐flow configuration for minimum change over time.

A real‐time manufacturing/assembly system performance evaluation and control model with integrated sensory feedback processing and visualization

Paul G. Ranky

The aim of this paper is to introduce a real‐time performance evaluation and control model, for the purpose of reducing cost and improving the quality, and the real‐time…


Bluetooth ubiquitous networks: seamlessly integrating humans and machines

Olaf Diegel, Glen Bright, Johan Potgieter

The integration of humans and machines can be achieved using Bluetooth ubiquitous networks. Ideally, the interface between users and machines should be completely seamless…


First results on vibration feeding of small parts in the presence of adhesive forces

Jan‐Mark Vorstenbosch, Fabien Bourgeois, Sandra Koelemeijer Chollet, Marcel Tichem

In this paper, a flexible solution for part feeding in assembly is analysed for its suitability to feed small parts with typical dimensions between 0.5 and 5.0 mm. The…

Applying Shainin’s variables search methodology in aerospace applications

Andrew Thomas, Jiju Antony

Shainin's variables search methodology (SVSM) is a powerful tool for spotting the key or critical process parameters or variables (such as Red X, Pink X and Pale Pink X…


A force‐reflecting teleoperator system with assembly state feedback

H.Y.K. Lau, M.C.C. Ngan, L.C.C. Wai, A.K.S. Ng

The ability to appreciate the sensation of force and torque that is experienced by the slave device in a teleoperator system is essential for achieving remote…

A SmartSpace for automation

Shivakumar Sastry

A SmartSpace is an integrated, intelligent, environment that facilitates new dimensions of human interaction with computing and physical environments by leveraging…




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