Assembly Automation: Volume 23 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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The rapid prototyping technologies

Steve Upcraft, Richard Fletcher

This paper reviews the various technologies available for rapid prototyping including stereolithography, selective laser sintering, laminated object manufacturing, fused…


Renault aligns production to market demand

Anna Kochan

At Renault's Douai plant close to Lille, recent investments have focused on creating a flexible production tool that is capable of reacting quickly to the demands of the…

Rapid prototyping helps Renault F1 Team UK improve championship prospects

Anna Kochan

Renault F1 Team UK has progressively introduced rapid prototyping technologies to actually produce the components it needs for the half‐size models of cars that it uses…


Rapid prototyping or rapid production? 3D printing processes move industry towards the latter

David Bak

Rapid manufacturing – defined as the direct production of finished goods from a rapid prototyping device – remains at present more a goal than reality for industry. The…


Design opportunities with rapid manufacturing

Richard Hague, Saeed Mansour, Naguib Saleh

The advent of rapid manufacturing (RM) will have profound implications on all aspects of product development and manufacture. Within the design discipline, three areas are…


Lasers and materials in selective laser sintering

J.P. Kruth, X. Wang, T. Laoui, L. Froyen

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is one of the most rapidly growing rapid prototyping techniques (RPT). This is mainly due to its suitability to process almost any…


Rapid laminated die‐cast tooling

Gregory John Gibbons, Robert G. Hansell, A.J. Norwood, P.M. Dickens

This paper details the development of a rapid tooling manufacturing route for the gravity and high‐pressure die‐casting industries, resulting from an EPSRC funded…


Net‐shaping of ceramic components by direct ceramic machining

F. Filser, P. Kocher, L.J. Gauckler

A new process called direct ceramic machining was successfully applied for the fabrication of dental restorations and technical components. It uses prefabricated, easy to…




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