Assembly Automation: Volume 22 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Delphi expands diesel injector output using automated assembly

John Mortimer

A manufacturing plant for the manufacture of diesel fuel injection equipment at Stonehouse, Gloucester, UK is being expanded at a cost of $60 million to cater for a new…


A new wave of synchronous robots

Anna Kochan

Reports from the Euro Assemblage Exhibition, in Paris, highlights the development of synchronous robots, identifies new approaches to robot control and programming…

US National Manufacturing Week

Dick Bloss

A report from the 2002 National Manufacturing Week Exhibition, combining executive interviews on the outlook for the current market for assembly in North America plus new…

Trends in the robotic simulation industry

Greg Ahrens, Gord Pageau

The need for increased efficiency and productivity has led many companies towards computer simulation and offline programming to accelerate the design phase of projects…

Robots great and small at Hanover

Anna Kochan

Reports from the Hanover Fair on new developments in automated assembly technology, particularly robotic assembly, outlines the latest robot hardware and software…

Assembly‐initiated production – a strategy for mass‐customisation utilising modular, hybrid automatic production systems

Anders Karlsson

The assembly‐initiated production (AIP) project aims at developing a strategy for mass‐customisation with short lead times through the production. The presented results…


Shortening the design for assembly process time for torque converter development

Y.J. Lin, Adam Uhler

By leveraging various designs for assembly and designs for manufacturing methods, manufacturing industry can apply solid modeling, or 3D design, to increase profit margins…


Geometric variation prediction in automotive assembling

C. Xiong, Y. Rong, R.P. Koganti, M.J. Zaluzec, N. Wang

This paper develops the statistical error analysis model for assembling, to derive measures of controlling the geometric variations in assembly with multiple assembly…


Dimensional variations during Airbus wing assembly

M. Saadat, C. Cretin

The introduction of automation for the assembly of aircraft wing box structures will require individual components to conform closely to the CAD design specification with…


FAS scheduling based on operation flexibility

Rong‐Lei Sun, Youlun Xiong, Runsheng Du, Han Ding

Multiple assembly sequences can increase the flexibility of assembly systems and consequently lead to better performance. The relationship between multiple assembly…




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