Assembly Automation: Volume 21 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Rapid tooling applications of the selective laser sintering process

S.S. Dimov, D.T. Pham, F. Lacan, K.D. Dotchev

The selective laser sintering (SLS) process is one of the leading rapid prototyping techniques. This paper presents two rapid tooling (RT) methods based on the SLS…


Smaller control suppliers also make their mark

Richard Bloss

Reports on strategies that three smaller control suppliers are taking to compete successfully in a market against several giants. Highlights the approaches that Beckhoff…

Stamping and forming merging with automated assembly

Richard Bloss

Describes how suppliers are integrating small metal part production and automated assembly to achieve a variety of benefits. By linking stamping and forming of metal parts…

Low‐cost tooling for composite parts: “the LCTC process”

David Cloud, John Norton

Describes the development of a low‐cost tooling system for the manufacture of composite aircraft parts. The ability to withstand a high temperature autoclave process and…

BMW breaks new ground with hydroforming

John Mortimer

Hydroforming offers the potential to reduce parts count and significantly increase structural strength and stiffness, as demonstrated by the use of the process to produce…


Dieless forming

Anna Kochan

Describes dieless forming, an innovative sheet metal forming technology developed in Japan which enables a metal part to be formed directly from a CAD file in just a few…

Tailor‐welded blanks bring multiple benefits to car design

Brian Rooks

Describes the development of laser welded tailored blanks and the benefits they bring to car design. One of the principle advantages is weight reduction, which steel…


A new design of screw head

Brian Rooks

A new design of screw head, the Uni‐screw, has been developed to rival the well‐established slotted, Phillips and Pozidriv screws. It is based on a series of hexagonal…

Krause plans low‐volume assembly hall for Ricardo

John Mortimer

Only ten people are required to man a new flexible, low‐volume but highly automated assembly facility that has been designed by Johann A. Krause Maschinenfabrik GmbH of…

Micropositioning device for automatic alignment of substrates for industrial‐scale thin films deposition

A. Castañeda, L.M. Apátiga, R. Velázquez, V.M. Castaño

A spatial micropositioning device for the alignment of substrates employed in thin films synthesis by the so‐called combustion flame technique, utilized for producing thin…




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