Assembly Automation: Volume 20 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Plastic hot air stake assembly

Denis W. Eagles

Describes the benefits and application of hot air staking for assisting the assembly of plastic parts and including the fixturing of pcbs, springs, bearings and a wide…

Tecnomatix weaves its e‐Manufacturing web

Brian Rooks

Describes new software tools introduced by Tecnomatix Technologies that herald a new concept in e‐Manufacturing. To its existing products, Tecnomatix has added new…

Standardised flexible automatic assembly – evaluating the Mark IV approach

Peter Gröndahl, Mauro Onori

The Assembly Systems Unit at the Royal Institute of Technology and IVF Stockholm has developed several Flexible Automatic Assembly (FAA) cell solutions over the years…

An automated system for product specification and design

Chiu‐Chi Wei, Ping‐Hung Liu, Chie‐Bein Chen

This study proposes a design automation system that integrates traditional segmental design processes into a solid unified system composed of need assessment, computer…


Geometric and static conditions of assembly

Ernest Valentovic

A table with three uneven legs standing on an uneven floor is a good example of static determination. We can determine the reactions of the legs for arbitrary loading for…




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