Assembly Automation: Volume 20 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Joining using adhesives

R.D. Adams, J. Comyn

Adhesive bonding is capable of being used in load‐bearing engineering applications, particularly for joining sheet materials. However, it is also used for a wide range of…


Trends in key joining technologies for the twenty‐first century

Robert W. Messler

Joining, while first and foremost a pragmatic undertaking, concerned more with needs and results than with theory, will likely have to change with the dawn of the…


Magnetic pulse welding shows potential for automotive applications

Anna Kochan

Reviews developments in the magnetic pulse welding process, describes how the technique can be used for joining two different metals, and outlines potential applications…


Audi moves forward with all‐aluminium cars

Anna Kochan

Reviews the all‐aluminium space frame structure of the new Audi A2, describes the techniques used in the body‐in‐white shop, and outlines trim and final assembly operations.


High power diode laser transmission welding of plastics

Brian Bryden

Trials using high powered laser arrays recently available, have shown that a range of joining and surface treatment processes are possible. These range from transmission…

Internet strategies for manufacturing

Jack Hollingum

A conference with the above title was held in London last November on the day after the government published a book Manufacturing in the Knowledge Driven Economy, covering…

Light curing adhesives increase productivity: an update on light curing adhesives and equipment for faster assembly and lower processing cost

Andrew G. Bachmann

UV light curing of adhesives has become the method of choice for many more industrial bonding, sealing, coating, potting and tacking applications. Because faster cures…

Adhesive bonding of fibre reinforced polymer composite materials

I.A. Ashcroft, D.J. Hughes, S.J. Shaw

Fibre reinforced polymer composites (FRPs) are finding increasing usage in many industrial sectors. Adhesive bonding is often the most attractive joining technique for…


A team‐based design for assembly methodology

E. Appleton, J.A. Garside

Design for Assembly (DFA) is now a well established technique for cost reduction at the design‐manufacture interface. The method described here is simple, highly visual…




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