Assembly Automation: Volume 2 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Study of precision and calibration for IBM RS‐1 robot system

C.Y. Ho

At Robots VI IBM publicly launched its RS‐1 gantry frame robot and this device is now undergoing extensive field trials. Work at the University of Missouri has studied the…

Hexagonal assembly system offers space and speed

A hexagonal transfer assembly system has been exhibited for the first time at the Sama International Exhibition held in Berne, Switzerland, in September. The manufacturer…

Making assembly an integral part of the manufacturing process

Brian Rooks reports on the reasons leading to Flymo's application of robots in assembly.

Machines that combine the manufacture of parts with assembly

Bruno Lotter

The system of on line manufacturing is described and an example is given to indicate the improved productivity and pay‐back period which can be achieved. The analysis…

Automated parts feeder design — cuts cost of robot assembly

Work on robotic assembly is advancing on a broad front at the University of Salford, which has been involved in aspects of assembly for the past 20 years. For a review of…

Productivity increases ninefold

John Hartley

Design for production and full automation gives Nippondenso a tremendous boost in reduced costs in the manufacture of relays, while its compressor line mixes man and machine.



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