Assembly Automation: Volume 2 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Flexible assembly in Hungary ‐ planning and design

B. Gondocs, T. Kovacs

To improve the flexibility of its assembly methods the Bakony Works in Hungary took out a manufacturing licence with Bosch. Some examples of where the system has been used…

Design for assembly ‐ an integrated approach

M.M. Andreasen, S. Kähler, T. Lund

The key to rationalisation of the assembly process is not to be found in the area of production preparation, but in the area of design. The principles of design for…

Testing integrated with mechanised assembly at Automative Products

The highest possible compliment to the manufacturing skills of Automotive Products was paid last year when the Soviet Union signed a £4 million‐plus contract to make the…

How Perkins is paving the way for flexible manufacturing

Perkins Engines, major diesel engine builder in the Massey‐Ferguson Group, has important plans afoot to move into flexible manufacturing, both in machining and in…

The economic design of assembly processes

Bruno Lotter

A description of the economic design of assembly processes for medium‐size batch production is presented which highlights the need to avoid secondary operations.

Automatic or manual assembly ‐ economic considerations

Dietrich Elbracht, Helmut Schaler

Investments that will be economically acceptable in the future for replacing human power by automatic production is considered. The problems of small batch assembly, the…

Competitiveness through reduced operating costs

Trade quotas were mentioned at the 3rd ICAA, though the main topics were the state‐of‐the‐art, part and equipment design, justifying investment and types of equipment…

MITI lends a hand

While more models are introduced, the Japanese government starts a long‐term research project. John Hartley reports on these developments.



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