Assembly Automation: Volume 2 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Flexible mechanical assembly systems

Frank Riley, vice president of the Bodine Corporation, USA, made a fighting speech in defence of his company's philosophy of flexible modular assembly at the conference…

Government & Industry‐partners in research

The fight is on in West Germany to match the best in manufacturing automation. Leading this is the Institute for Production Automation in Stuttgart, whose advanced…

Programmable assembly with vision

Gordon J. VanderBrug

Cybervision system provides the basic building blocks of a programmable assembly system. The components of this system, Autovision, AID 600 Assembly Robot, A132 Controller…

Automatic manufacturing‐improvements through quality control

I. del Gaudio, A. Lambiase

Quality control with a large content of data processing, represents an important field of robot application because of the inherent objectivity and consistency which…

Automation research and development activities in Sweden

Automation development is being backed both by Industry and Government in Sweden. Details of the research now being undertaken are presented in this report.

Advancing the cause of automation technology

Many USA companies are fighting the recession and the competition from Japan by investing in manufacturing automation. At International Harvester a group has been set up…

Car ‐ body construction and assembly

S. Muller

More than half of the industrial robots throughout the world are used in the automobile industry. The following deals with the most important application so far, spot…

Assembly robots coming into focus ‐ but not for every job

John Hartley

The role of robots in automatic assembly as viewed by industry in Japan, including some of the major robot makers, is reported by John Hartley.



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